January 6th, 2002


Never send a guitar player to do a bassist's work.

I've now moved on to the Mark Deutrom era of Melvins CDs. Now, for those of you not well schooled in obscure West Coast punk rock of the 1980s, Mark was lead guitarist for a band called Clown Alley. Sure, he'd been friends with Melvins for years, and had produced a couple of their early records, but Jesus God, why did they have to take him on as their bassist for a couple of years?

The thing is, Melvins have always worked well for me because it's very simple music on one level. There isn't a lot of obvious "skillful playing", soloing, or any of that shit... at least not until Mark. All of a sudden, especially on Stag, there's bass noodling all over the place, specifically obnoxious runs up and down the scale that annoy the hell out of me. I wish he'd have learned to just shut the fuck up and play the bassline instead of showing off that he also knows how to use the other two strings on the instrument.

Moral: Never EVER get a guitar player to play bass. It can only go wrong.

Thankfully he's left the band in the meantime.

Some pictures for you.

Dan's up in The City and I'm sitting around the house wondering if I'm coming down with a cold. So, I finally got off my butt and downloaded all of the pictures (six rolls this time) I'd taken from October - December of last year, mostly in Japan. I don't know what possessed me, but I threw together this quickie Web page with some of the better ones: