October 26th, 2001


Quick and dirty inventory

Malbec, 18 bottles
Merlot, 12 bottles
Zinfandel, 22 bottles
Sauvignon blanc, 5 bottles
Gewürztraminer, 1 bottle
Riesling, 17 bottles
Marsanne, 1 bottle
Blended white, 2 bottles (Big House White, Ceci n'est pas une cigare blanc)
Garnacha, 1 bottle (pink, fortified)
Rosé, 1 bottle (Italian)
Various sparkling wines, 23 bottles
Various dessert wines, 25 bottles
Cabernet sauvignon, 80 bottles
Pinotage, 2 bottles
Saperavi, 1 bottle
Côtes du Rhône, 7 bottles (Chateauneuf-du-Pape, etc.)
Rhône-style wines, 9 bottles
Port-style wines, 12 bottles
Australian shiraz and blends, 12 bottles
Tempranillo, 3 bottles (inc. Rioja)
Pinot noir, 5 bottles (no Burgundy, alas)
Dolcetto, 1 bottle
Cabernet franc, 1 bottle
Pinot meunier, 1 bottle
Madiran, 7 bottles
Meritage, 15 bottles (inc. Bordeaux style blends technically not Meritage)
Misc. Bonny Doon weirdness, 11 bottles (charbono, barbera, etc.)

Basically, this all looks pretty good, but the real problem is that an awful lot of the cabernet sauvignon is Chilean stuff that is probably already on its way downhill. Of those 80+ bottles, only about 30 of them are of sufficient quality to age properly.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what to do with excess wine? I'd drink it but frankly it isn't very interesting...

That was uneventful.

Not only did I not really feel like hiking up a mountain this morning, I intentionally accidentally left my backpack at home, so all I was able to do was make a one-mile circuit around some old redwoods near Felton, CA. Interestingly enough, everyone else on the train was speaking either Japanese or German.

Afterwards, I stopped by the local post office to mail off my parents' address labels and to return my Air Canada tickets to a Seattle travel agency for rebooking - yes, my plans done changed again.

Finally, after a twenty-minute delay on the road over the hill to Bonny Doon (they're repaving, yuck), I arrived at the winery, all eager and shit to pick up my case of their new Riesling. (After getting it home, I noticed that it's sweeter than I ordinarily would buy, but Randall sez it's something you need to let age in the cellar for a decade before breaking open - ask me again in 2010!) Surprisingly, they had an open bottle of the yet to be released pinot grigio behind the counter, and they offered me a taste of it.

Wow. That was incredibly good. I've had a few glasses of pg over the course of this summer, and this is the first glass that had real flavor to it - normally, I order it when I want something virtually flavorless but cold and not beer. It had a strange pale salmon copper pink to it, and I'd recommend it for anyone who likes their whites with pleasant flavor and not way too dry. Can't wait to buy some next month!

PS. I just noticed that I wrote "on the train". Well, I meant to write "trail". However, there was an old steam train next to the trail, so maybe that's why I wrote "train"; you could hear the din of excited schoolchildren all throughout the forest this morning as they waited for their turn to ride.

This is disturbing.

I've installed the Microsoft Plus! pack for XP, and now Windows Media Player 8 is showing me some incredibly hideous cgi character in a wheelchair, and it's rockin' out to The Aphex Twin at the moment. Every time that weird little voice says "COCK!!!", the little critter jumps up in its wheelchair.

Even more disturbingly, this is obviously an ad for "Oddworld: Munch's Odyssee", and the wallpaper texture loudly proclaims that it's "Only on XBOX". Yuck.