August 14th, 2001


And we're off.

You know what? Mondays in Amsterdam could be better. Everything's closed. Waaaaaah. Even the Heineken brewery was closed. OK, it's no longer a brewery, but it's now a museum. No, wait, it's now a multimedia experience that costs nearly six times as much as it used to to experience. But it's now closed on Mondays. As I said: Waaaaaah.

Worse yet, the French fry place I like ("Masters of Sauce") has been closed all week for vacation. It won't open until about eighteen hours after I land in London. Waaaaaah. But it'll be open (hopefully) when I return briefly in December. Until then, no French fries with sate sauce for the Bear. Waaaaaah.

As always seems to be the case upon leaving Amsterdam, there were a few places left that I still didn't get to see this time: the Heineken exhibit being a case in point. Still haven't seen the Dutch maritime museum, or the Bible museum, or, or, or... Guess I'll just have to drag Dan back over here at some point. And, once again, I managed to spend a week in Amsterdam without smoking any marijuana, eating any 'space cakes', ingesting mushrooms, etc. The closest I came was when I was reading an exhibit on qat (Catha edulis) in the Tropenmuseum. Guess I'm just not one for the drugs, eh.

The same goes for sex: as per usual, I didn't even check out any bars, much less wander aimlessly around the city looking for (how did Frank Zappa put it?) some hot action. But that's fine with me. Besides, I'm most partial to marmots, and there's only one Marmot. :)

It's now breakfast time and I must get back to the hotel for my daily stingy portion of bread, cheese, and coffee. Can't wait to get to London where I can brew my own tea... a week of sour Dutch coffee is more than enough.