Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Tasting note: Lancers Rosé

OK, so I made an impulse purchase at Albertson's yesterday. So sue me. I stopped in to get some bratwurst and Diet Squirt [shhhh, most of my diet isn't THAT bad], and decided that it might be amusing to go for a bottle of Lancers. What can I say - I was listening to that Pavement song on the drive home from work.

Packaging: This stuff comes in a brown glass bottle shaped like a Lava lamp, sort of. The glass has been painted a strange deep "sunburned flesh" color. There's a small low quality cork jammed in there, covered with what appears to be a Bundaberg ginger beer style pull tab. Over that there's some shrink wrapping which was a bazitch to get off.

Nose: What is it about cheap wines? Man, this smells like complete ass. Something like rotting cork combined with musty old concrete tanks. Not corked per se, just foul.

Taste: Mmm, spritzy. Way too sweet. No obvious taste of any kind - just sweet and alcoholic. Two sips and it's off to the kitchen sink to get rid of it.

I wonder if Mateus is any better?

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