Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Why I don't use Mozilla, or: This is easy?

zombietruckstop made me do some mayonnaise investigation today. I know, it's silly. As a result, I wound up having to briefly explain how the <TITLE> tag is displayed in the window title bar by user agents [= Web browsers]. Of course, I had to check my work first, so I verified this in Mozilla. However, there's a problem. uses Flash. What if you don't have Flash?

IE: You get a dialog asking you if you want to install Flash. You click OK. It installs. You see the page.

Mozilla: You get a dialog telling you that you need a plugin to view this page. You click OK. It then starts downloading the installer. You then get this dialog:

You select Open it with and then... uh... with what? I typed %windir%\system32 and then chose cmd.exe, but that was obviously the wrong choice, 'cuz nothing happened. I had to then figure out where my TEMP directory was and run the application manually from there [which, by the way, couldn't find my install of Mozilla, so I have to manually type in "c:\progra~1\mozilla\plugins" - again, LAME] - after exiting Mozilla. Of course, upon restarting Mozilla, I then had to type in the URL again, which is actually OK 'cuz it's so short. Still, what a hassle. At least you only have to do that once for Flash.

You'd think they could make the process a little bit easier. Why can't you just open stuff without choosing a helper application? This is not very friendly.

I know there are folks out there who still say ActiveX is evil, but in terms of user experience, I can't fault it.

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