Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

RIMMed at work.

A quick study in compare and contrast:

1998, Netscape. We're working on a browser that requires an awful lot of RAM to run. So, I talk to my boss. She agrees that I need more RAM in my iMac. Unfortunately, it's not in the budget. As a result, I have to mail order my own RAM from It arrives; luckily, I am man enough to install RAM in iMacs, which takes me 15-30 minutes per iMac. [It's much easier these days.] I roam the department with an antistatic mat and toolkit, upgrading everyone to have 256 MB of RAM. I save my receipts. Eventually, I am reimbursed by AOL with a paper check.

2003, Microsoft. I need to be able to run multiple copies of XP simultaneously on my desktop PC. It works OK with 512 MB of RAM, but I'd prefer 1 GB. I load the internal purchasing tool and order my RAM. The PO is auto-approved. The next morning at work, a delivery person stops by my office bearing two RIMMs. I shut down my Dell, pop them in, restart. Total down time one minute. I don't have to worry about getting reimbursed because MS was direct billed by the vendor.

Damn, that was cool. And my PC is hella fast now. I had no idea so much RAM would make a difference. I am so upgrading to 1 GB on my home PC as soon as I can.

Oh, and RIMMs suck. Install in pairs, 2.8 times as expensive as PC2700 RAM, weird little things called CRIMMS you have to have in empty sockets. Bleah.

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