Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Quick and dirty inventory

Malbec, 18 bottles
Merlot, 12 bottles
Zinfandel, 22 bottles
Sauvignon blanc, 5 bottles
Gewürztraminer, 1 bottle
Riesling, 17 bottles
Marsanne, 1 bottle
Blended white, 2 bottles (Big House White, Ceci n'est pas une cigare blanc)
Garnacha, 1 bottle (pink, fortified)
Rosé, 1 bottle (Italian)
Various sparkling wines, 23 bottles
Various dessert wines, 25 bottles
Cabernet sauvignon, 80 bottles
Pinotage, 2 bottles
Saperavi, 1 bottle
Côtes du Rhône, 7 bottles (Chateauneuf-du-Pape, etc.)
Rhône-style wines, 9 bottles
Port-style wines, 12 bottles
Australian shiraz and blends, 12 bottles
Tempranillo, 3 bottles (inc. Rioja)
Pinot noir, 5 bottles (no Burgundy, alas)
Dolcetto, 1 bottle
Cabernet franc, 1 bottle
Pinot meunier, 1 bottle
Madiran, 7 bottles
Meritage, 15 bottles (inc. Bordeaux style blends technically not Meritage)
Misc. Bonny Doon weirdness, 11 bottles (charbono, barbera, etc.)

Basically, this all looks pretty good, but the real problem is that an awful lot of the cabernet sauvignon is Chilean stuff that is probably already on its way downhill. Of those 80+ bottles, only about 30 of them are of sufficient quality to age properly.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what to do with excess wine? I'd drink it but frankly it isn't very interesting...

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