Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

10 x 10 VII

Ten things you're likely to find me wearing:

1. Levi's shrink to fit 501s, 38x34. Haven't changed this since I was about fourteen years old. Sure, the size has gone from 38 to 42 and back, but that's about it. It'd be nice if the 38s came with the extra belt loops that the 40+ sizes have, but hey.
2. Hanes white underwear. You know, the cheap stuff from Target. Sure, it never lasts, it's not well made, and it doesn't launder well, but I like the idea of it.
3. A polyester blend short sleeve shirt, buttons all the way down the front, at least one breast pocket, preferably Large Tall, probably costs $8 or so. I have lots of these. Dan probably thinks they're heinous, and they are, but I like 'em. Wash and go, is jarringly ugly at bars.
4. Lands End jacket, the ugly kind, green. Totally Middle American but dammit, these things are comfortable... until they changed them a couple of years back. The one I got to replace my fat boy jacket is kinda shoddy by comparison.
5. Brown corduroy long sleeve shirt. I haven't found a good one of these in years but hope springs eternal. LL Bean had the good dark brown color, Eddie Bauer the actual decent tailoring and sizing, but now neither company get either of those things right. Fuckers.
6. Silver metallic watch, blue dial face, metal wristband. I lose these every couple of years so they're never the same. My first one was bought courtesy of an Okidata sales rep back when I was working at CompUSA; the face broke in a year or so. Had a great Eddie Bauer one but it got lost in record time. Currently I've got a very low end Tissot I found in Cologne. I don't know where it is right now.
7. REI socks, tan or dark blue... but apparently they no longer make these. I'm frustrated again. I hope I don't run out of them because I'd hate to find new favorite socks.
8. New Balance walking shoes that keep getting uglier with every model year. These are the heinous tan leather ones, waterproof, that you can walk around Kyoto in for days at a time and not get blisters. I love them but damn, they're ugly.
9. My ugly, battered tan Tilley hat. It's been everywhere. My balding pate requires it.
10. A smile on my face when I see Dan next to me in bed in the morning. It still makes me happy to wake up with the Marmot at my side. :)

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