Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

10 x 10 VI

Ten computing devices I've owned:

1. An Apple PowerBook Duo 2300c with Dock, 16" display, and Apple Adjustable keyboard [the prettiest one I ever owned]
2. A battered Centris 610 I got very cheaply from CompUSA while I was working there. Eventually upgraded to a 6100AV thanks to the Apple QPromo. My brother's main PC until 1999.
3. A Dell Dimension XPS R400 [400 MHz Pentium II] that Netscape bought me in 1998. Eventually upgraded to a 800 MHz Pentium 3, but couldn't really handle XP. I don't miss it much.
4. A Leading Edge Model D PC [two 5.25" floppies - very cool at the time!], Hercules compatible monochrome graphics, Epson 9-pin dot matrix printer. Dropped it off at a friend's apartment in Aachen with Mark Bingham in 1991.
5. An Apple Performa computer... can't remember which model it was exactly. Quadra 630 form factor, optional MPEG and TV tuner cards added in, with a Multiple Scan 15 display. Sold this to Mark Bingham and his partner Paul Holm after a few months. Painfully slow.
6. An Apple Power Mac G3 [beige]: my Apple Loan to Own machine. Never actually used it; gave it to Dan.
7. A nondescript Palm Pilot. Bought it circa 1996; realized quickly that these devices are entirely useless for me.
8. A generic PC clone from a shop on University Avenue in Berkeley. It was a 386DX-25 with a non-interlaced 1024x768 14" monitor. This was a big deal at the time. Ran Windows 3.1 pretty decently. Sold it to my dad's office at some point in 1993 or so.
9. A Sega Genesis system that runs Toe Jam and Earl, next to the Dreamcast that would run Space Channel 5 if I could find my copy. Damn.
10. Currently, a Dell Dimension 4500, 2.0 MHz Pentium 4. Not bad. Needs a faster processor to watch HD DVDs though.

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