Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

10 x 10 I

Today seems like as good a day as any other to post ten stupid top ten lists.

Ten things I recently ate for breakfast

1. Two slices of Trader Joe's white bread, toasted, with that weird Belgian low fat butter and Gentlemen's Relish
2. A meager serving of Grape-Nuts with 1% milk
3. Two buttermilk Eggo frozen waffles, toasted, with Challenge "European Style" butter and real maple syrup from Costco
4. Crunchy muesli from a Danish Aldi shop mised with Trader Joe's maple flavored yoghurt
5. Two cups of Farmer Brothers drip coffee [you know, the crap they serve at work] with 2% milk
6. Two slices of Albertsons white bread, toasted, again with the Belgian low fat butter, but with strawberry rhubarb preserves from Den Gamle Fabrik
7. A giant Dutch pancake with powdered sugar and butter at De Dutch Pannekoek House near the Vancouver Ikea
8. Smoked herring, coffee, and gooey pastries that reminded me of pralines
9. A bowl of Albertsons muesli mixed with Mountain High plain yoghurt [this sucked, incidentally]
10. A semi-nasty Golden Delicious apple that had been rolling around in the vegetable drawer since we moved in to the new house last month. I regret this decision, and I need some dental floss. Now.

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