Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Some interesting Mac news today

Microsoft has confirmed that Internet Explorer 5 will be the end of the line for its Mac browsers. The following note, from Microsoft's Jimmy Grewal, was posted to the MacIE-Talk discussion list today:

"Though we continue to work on updates for Mac IE 5.x, there will be no IE 6 for the Mac. This was a difficult decision, but clearly the right one for our business and our customers. We've been working closely with Apple on their plans for Safari, and it's clear that they will be able to deliver a more complete product than we could because of their ability to integrate with the OS in ways third parties could never do. We have no plans to close down this list and Microsoft will continue to provide support for IE 5.x to our customers. Please continue to use this mailing list for all IE related discussions. Though I am leaving Microsoft soon, many of us will be on the list to answer your IE questions."

I'm not really sure how this makes me feel. I guess you could say this kind of scares me a bit. Having worked on Mac Web browsers at Netscape for a few years, I know exactly how incredibly difficult it is to write a good Web browser. I'm still kind of amazed that Apple told Mozilla to go fuck themselves [more or less] by going with KHTML, and I really do wonder how things are going to be in a few years on the Mac. It seems like they're doing everything they can to jettison stuff that works OK but which they don't like [Mozilla, Mac IE, etc.]... so that they can replace it with their own stuff that is roughly functionally equivalent but which really doesn't cut the mustard [Safari, Keynote, etc.] I guess what we'll wind up with is expensive but pretty machines that can do one or two things reasonably well [organize your pictures and MP3s] but which slide further out of the mainstream with every passing year. I mean, Windows Media 9 is to the point where you can watch HD movies with 5.1 digital sound [like the new Terminator 2 double DVD set] on your PC, but QuickTime... aren't they still talking about Sorenson codecs or something? It's just getting really strange.

In the meantime, the trackpad on my iBook sucks ass. I wonder if there's an easy fix, or if I'm going to have to wrestle with Microsoft internal tech support to try to get this thing fixed... fuck it, it's probably easier to find a USB mouse around the office somewhere...

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