Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

A spendy end.

Looks like I got the last of the "wheee, a new house!!!" spending out of my system this weekend... at least, I hope that's the last of it for now! I've now officially run out of money and actually need to rely on future paychecks... what a concept!

Got the Australian painting framed, kind of; it's actually just canvas stretchers or whatever. It cost way more than it should have but it was impossible to find a shop up here that would just make the canvas on-the-wall-hangable. Also got the poster from the Tillmans exhibit mounted for suitable display. It isn't my favorite picture but it is kind of cool regardless. I guess it's going to go up near my desk or something at home.

Finished stocking the wine cellar... well, basically. Bonny Doon are now nearly three months behind with getting me my order. I love them but frankly they have an awful lot of logistical problems; this seems endemic for any "alternative business", though, especially one based in Santa Cruz. Even if you want them to take your money, they sometimes have a real hard time of it.

Got the final order status mess with cleaned up and am expecting arrival of my backordered stuff in a while. You know, Melvins reissues, the new Metallica and Tomahawk CDs, some Max Tundra vinyl, the usual stuff. Should be here in a few weeks, I'd think.

Got mud flaps for the Passat squared away. Cleaned the car enough to install them... all I have to do is find the mystery drill bit I need to punch new holes in my bumpers or whatever. I should be able to finish that up before Mark and Moe show up for dinner in two hours or thereabouts.

Also did something I haven't done since I was a teenager: I bought a turntable. As much as I hate vinyl, I've been slowly accumulating it over the past twenty years, and it finally got to the point where there's stuff I absolutely need a turntable. I used to have a friend who'd dump vinyl to .WAV files for me, but that was some time back. Besides, it's time to break out the old Foetus 12" records and such to see if they still play. The Helmet double 10" set seems to have gotten lost in the move somehow though... there were some other records with it but I thankfully can't really remember what they were, alas.

Oh, and I finished all the Ikea shopping last Friday night. In and out in ten minutes: all I needed to pick up was a mattress pad for the guest bed. Yes, that's right, if you sleep chéz Bear and Marmot, you'll do so in luxury, on your very own wool 'n latex mattress pad for extra comfort and warmth! And once I get the down comforter back from the cleaners on Friday, you probably won't even notice the Kitty barf from 1997!

So, that's it for now. Time to send off a few checks for deposit tomorrow and get ready for a monstrous credit card bill in two weeks. Yeowch.

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