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It's That Interview Meme!

That's right, I asked zombietruckstop to come up with a few interview questions, listed below, which I'll answer later on in the day. The trick is of course that if you want to, I'll give you a few questions I'd like to see you answer in your journal - just tell me that you'd like me to do so in a comment on this post.

The questions:

1. I think you're super smart, witty and handsome. You have a lot to offer the world, and yet you tend to be a wallflower in big social meleés. I could armchair psychoanalyze you to death, but thought I would give you a shot at it.

I'll expand on this later, but the short answer is that a core tenet of my upbringing was that you should never, ever try to show off, think you're someone special, or upstage anyone else at a social gathering. As a result, I tend to stay entirely to myself in social situations.

Another possible explanation is that I am very uncomfortable around anyone to whom I'm sexually attractive. The easiest option for me in that situation is to just up and leave. I hate being in bars, for example; I know that I'd probably have a better time if I just left. Sure, every once in a while, I might get up my gumption, meet someone new and interesting, and possibly even shag the night away with them later on, but there's just something too intimidating about the whole process.

Finally, my manner of speaking and my sense of humor tend to be met with blank stares by most people in most situations. I love hanging around with you, Vinnie, Dave, Jason, Matthew, etc. because you all get it. This makes my life easy. When it's other people, I often feel I should just shut up rather than "shine" [as Matthew once put it]. It makes it easier.

2. How much do you love Kitty?

Um. She's a cat. I actually don't have strong feelings for animals. To complicate the matter, she's Dan's cat. I mean, I do love Kitty, sure; she came and plopped down beside me on the bed this morning, and that was delightful. However I look at it, though, she's still a cat, which in my eyes is basically a long ways from human. Love is something peculiar to us humans.

I will of course be sad when she eventually dies, but I'm hoping that won't be for a few more years. I was briefly sad when my cat Bianca died about six years ago, but that didn't last. It helped that Bianca wasn't very affectionate. Apart from having an armpit odor fetish, she was largely noticeable for how much she disliked hanging around humans. [Interesting note: Bianca was a birthday present from Mark circa 1991. We picked her out at the Oakland SPCA kennel.]

3. That "Mark Bingham - Hero of Flight 93" project I was supposed to write/produce has completely imploded. But had it moved forward, who would you want to play you?

For some strange reason Angela Bassett comes to mind immediately. However, that of course started me thinking... how exactly would you rewrite the screenplay to justify that kind of casting? I mean, it's all very well and good when you get an African American Bob Cratchit in a production of A Christmas Carol, but... Angela Bassett? I still can't think how she could possibly be justified, but fuck it, I want her to play me. I think it would definitely make for an interesting take on the whole Dead Gay Hero angle. Maybe we can get Lars von Trier to direct?

4. Tell me again - when is it cheap to go to Amsterdam?

Oh boy. Can't I just go find the E-mail I sent you and post that? In short:

- Airfare is exorbitant from mid-May through mid-October, reasonable from mid-November through mid-March
- Amsterdam is never, ever cheap in terms of accomodations - and what you get for your money is usually horrible dingy and damp
- If you're going to go for the cultural stuff, just go in the dead of winter; the museums are heated and the tourists are few
- If you're going for ass-slamming gay action, go for Queen's Day or perhaps sometime in the summer [Gay Pride perhaps?], but you'll need lots of cash
- If it were up to me, I'd say go the week of Thanksgiving, stay in Amsterdam for a week at the Hotel the Golden Bear [which I think is great value, even if others have said it's kind of icky], then hop over to Cologne in Germany for the gigantic bear event there. That's the most cost effective way to see the place and you'll probably have a really good time. For those of us with corporate jobs, it also means minimal vacation days - and it's a great excuse not to travel home for Thanksgiving!

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