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Friends! We've got friends!

I thought it might amuse if I were to put together a quick guide to the folks on my friends list:

aadroma is a talented artist named Roger. I've never met him; the closest I really ever came to doing so was seeing a picture of Matthew's that showed Roger standing next to him in The City. I gather Roger is rather short and doesn't mind bigger guys enveloping him. I aim to find out at some point in the future; hopefully he won't mind if I kind of pick him up and give him a big Bear hug.

I have no idea who arkanjil is. At least, I don't believe we've ever met. Sometimes, though, it's fascinating to read about people you wouldn't ordinarily expect to find yourself socializing with. He runs the Bearhug parties in SF - OK, I went twice circa 1993 - and seems to, uh, get laid an awful lot, both of which seem very Not Me. However, his writing is interesting, and it sounds like he's got his head on straight.

bear_with_me is - I think I can confidently say - my only 'real' ex-boyfriend. Sure, I dated some other guys over the years, and there is one man I'd consider my ex, period, no modifier, but Richard, well, Richard was definitely a good thing for me. We had an awful lot of fun together, save perhaps for the night where a mutual friend of ours, uh, puked in the car on the way back from some Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles. ObPlug: If you're in need of quality dentistry in the greater Bay Area, do check him out. See also the liner notes on King Missile's biggest selling LP.

beardoc, well, heh. Seumie and I go back a few years. He's stayed with us in San José before, and I hope to see him again in Seattle. I never really know how to pigeonhole him, and that's probably why I like him so much. I admire his dedication to his work and his general refraining from alcohol use. He's also got a wonderful smile, a great sense of humor, and I can say our year in Australia wouldn't have been the same if we hadn't known Seumas.

I'm certain I'd have met bearzbub at social functions vaguely relating to this guy Ed Boland. IIRC they were both big Severed Heads fans, as am I. However, as if often the case when dealing with attractive men in social situations, I don't think I ever said hello, preferring instead to socialize with women or what have you. He's obviously got impeccable taste in music, and has perhaps the best user pic on LJ at the moment.

bigredwojo and I must have met about eight years ago. I think he and his partner Scott were friends of Dan's originally, but we seem to get along just fine. Amusingly, Michael is one of those men I keep expecting to have crazed weasel sex with at some point, but for whatever reason it's never actually happened. Go figure. Ah well, we're probably better off; I seem to have a problem doing that with a friend and then keeping them around qua friend without a kerfuffle of sorts.

bitterlawngnome takes wonderful pictures, and that's why I read his journal. Köszönöm [approximately], Bill!

chrisglass dethroned TDR from my "coolest designer ever" position earlier this year. I wish I were halfway as intelligent, talented, or handsome as Chris, but I'll settle for being able to order Schnitzel in German restaurants fluently enough to impress the locals.

chriskomater has always presented a bit of a problem for me, as he's an artist. And... what do you do when you have a friend who's an artist... but whose work generally disturbs you? I thought I'd just be honest about it, and that seems to be working. I can also vouch for his incredible tact and politeness, which never fail to impress me. And don't get me wrong, his work is the real stuff, not just some poseur crap. It's just that it disturbs me is all.

chrisvandemore and I worked together at Netscape. I always hoped that we'd find outselves shagging furiously in an abandoned conference room or something, but it never came to that. He's still the most handsome man I ever saw in my Netscape days. I'm still holding out hopes of spending a weekend with him at some point in the future, but, sadly, I fear that'll never actually happen. *sniff*

clovisbear... where to start? I met Troy about eight years ago in San Francisco, about the time he was finishing his undergraduate degree. I spent the night with him at the Travelodge just off Market, and took the train to work at Claris the next morning. I had such an amazingly good time that night... I'd say more, but why embarass your friends? With any luck I'll make a trip down to Portland to catch up with Troy before too much longer.

danlmarmot is the most wonderful man I've ever met, but I think you've all heard me say that before. We live together in Redmond, WA. He putters in the garden; I cook and see to the wine cellar. We constitute Team Bear and Marmot. We rule, dude.

I'm not really sure why darke is on my friends list. I suppose it's because he sometimes comes up with some really interesting entries in his journal. I could live without Alex talking about his dog or Buffy, but hey. We chatted briefly at Bear Pride in Chicago many moons ago but I haven't seen him in years.

I'm sure I mortally offended drubear in Chicago a few years back by publicly dissing Wicca. Chris is a druid. I still think that shit is weak, but Chris is a really cool guy. I guess he just moved to SF, but he probably still ain't talking to me. Funny, making fun of others' belief systems tends to do that to a guy.

e_ticket is a man I can confidently count as being one of the three most wonderful men I know. I really miss Dave; I haven't seen him in approximately forever, and it's a shame. Dave is probably the biggest regret I have about leaving California: no more road trips to see him and Jason down in LA. Ask him about the time we saw Sarah Gilbert's ass crack at Jinky's!

I remember explosivo from this one time Dave, Sean, and I went to his house for some bear social get-together kind of thingy. I was impressed by his LP collection, sense of humor, and his [apparently jail bait] boyfriend at the time. I admire anyone who can speak about their family and personal dissatisfactions with such style and restraint.

I don't know what I was thinking when I added finfinfin, but he's still on Ye Olde List because I find it amusing to read a journal written by someone who's a lot younger than I am. Gotta stay in touch with the kidz, y'know.

I met funkybearmartin at Spring Thaw this year. I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't him. His voice... is indescribable. He's got far more balls than most guys I know. I'm also dying to get him over to the house to drink a lot of good wine and play the stereo too loud.

genxcub and I also worked together at Netscape. He saved my ass once by getting an old Sun box to work correctly, and for that I'm still grateful. He's generous to a fault, handsome as well, and I wish he lived closer to home. Embarassing fact: I once mistook him for a FTM trannie at IBR in the mid-1990s. Yeowch. Sorry, Bill.

grumpyoldbear is Seumas's partner. He is indeed grumpy and old; however, he's a wonderful host, cooks a mean dinner, let me store my shit in his garden shed for a while, and I miss him terribly, even if he gets maudlin when he's had too much to drink.

grunter is one of those guys I suppose I tried to hit on via lj. He hasn't written anything in a while, but while he was still posting, I was transfixed. I had thought we'd hit it off well what with similar ages and academic backgrounds and such, but no go. Perhaps AOL lost the E-mail I sent him? I may never know.

haenck is, after bear_with_me, the person on my list I've known the longest. Patrick was friends with this guy Joe I was dating in 1993, and after meeting Patrick and his then-partner Fred in Berkeley one weekend, I had trouble shoving my tongue back in my mouth. Dude, Patrick is [still] hawt. We actually wound up working for Claris/FileMaker for a while, but Patrick moved back to Michigan. Damn.

henare is a cantankerous old cuss what lives in The City. He's irritating, argumentative, brilliant, and not really someone I feel like I'm "friends" with, but I respect him, enjoy his company, and hope to see more of him in the future.

The last time I saw iahklu was at the old house in San José. I'd invited him over for dinner... and fucked it up by preparing food that he couldn't eat. I had to hurriedly do up a frozen pizza for him instead. I was really embarassed. Phil's a great guy; intelligent, fucking handsome as hell. My only complaint is that he listens to an awful lot of sensitive chick music, but that's his prerogative. :) [Bonus points: I found the tape of Colourbox he gave me about eight years ago this week. Cool!]

iberianbear I added just because I thought he was way fucking handsome. Dan's met him, but I haven't. Grrrrr!

When I think back about my time in Australia, I inevitably remember one of the happiest weeks of my life: staying at jcoldrey's house in Sydney. We drank, we drank some more, we watched some cheezy movies, we drank still more, we went out for food. It was absolute heaven. He also happens to be incredibly insightful wrt politics and the like: most of the time I can't stand it when folks start talking about Bush, the G-G, or whatever, but Julian manages to do so in a fascinating manner. Kudos.

His sister, by the way, is a hottie. Just thought I'd mention that.

I met jongrizzman in Chicago in 1998 or so. I think we were about to go off and fuck each other's brains out at Sidetracks, but then his buddy Scott showed up and I got a little bit sidetracked. I think the problem was that I couldn't actually imagine having sex with anyone younger than I at the time. Boy, has that changed.

jwz is some l33t hax0r d00d I worked with at Netscape. I saw him exactly once in three years; after he left the company, I tried my best to keep up the jwz tradition by posting bile-filled rants to mcom.bad-attitude. I think I succeeded.

Little known fact: my parents read my journal. They don't post, though: see knjpratt.

I can't really read koalabr and that's just fine. One of several folks I met in Australia last year, Luciano has got to be one of the most pleasant by far. Amiable, kind, and a real joy to have coffee or dinner with. Had a fine dinner at his family's restaurant which, I think, is no longer in business, alas. I'll always remember the food as well as the Penfolds St Henri, the first bottle of really good Aussie red I'd ever had.

Apparently, lostncove has been known to recklessly swill down half a bottle of 5% alc. b. v. Bacardi spritzer and then babble own about how he never got to be the Narrator in his high school's production of Our Town or something. I dunno. Sounds like a nice guy though; v. anxious to meet him at Fiesta next year. Will see if there's a room big enough for R., Dave, Mamoo, myself, and Seen.

mamoosh knows how to fuckin' bake, dude, and I'm not talking brownies. Shortbread with lemon frosting. Tarte tatin. Cooookies. *ahem* Where was I? Oh, right, Matthew. I met the Mamoo when he was living downstairs from Le French Bitch in Pacific Grove, in a natty little apartment with a serious dampness problem. He's still the only friend I've made online in all these years, believe it or not. I first met him in the flesh in San José; later, I visited in PG, and he broke the seat in my Saturn. BFD. Things progressed from there to a very comfortable, rewarding friendship. He housesat for us while he was in Oz, and broke our bed with Mr Lostncove. True fact! The bed that replaced it is, however, much nicer, and I am grateful.

Matthew's a trucker these days.

michaelorourke and I, believe it or not, once had sex on the living room rug in San José. I checked the rug when I unpacked it last week in our new house in Redmond, and I'm pretty sure it's still OK. Haven't seen Michael in ages though. Last time I saw him was briefly at the house a couple of years back; his then partner was nannering on about some religious shit and I was trying to be soothing and polite while secretly wishing he'd get the hell out of my house. I'm really, really happy that Michael's moved because I always thought he [God this sounds retarded] could had done a lot better... which I've heard he has, although I've yet to meet his new bf.

mindplay is currently working towards his first Oscar™. mindplay does amazing things with clay, video, etc. mindplay has the sexiest voice of anyone I know. mindplay amazes me.

mordo has an incredibly annoying lj user icon. His posts are consistently amusing. He lives nearby, I take it, and I hope Dan and I will run into him soon. I heard some noises about him loaning us his pickup to move Dan's plants to the house, but [as is typical for me] I'm alternately delighted by the offer of help and worried that it'd be too much to ask of someone I don't yet really know.

I have one of mtzlplck's cufflinks in a moving box somehwere. Vinnie left it behind at the house in San José a few years back when he and zombietruckstop stayed the night; V. had a wedding to get to somewhere nearby - I think it was possibly Monterey - and I didn't actually get a chance to meet him at the time. Yup, you heard me: they arrived late and left early. Waaaaah! I hope V. is recovering well from his recent smash-up. V. is also responsible for my favorite line of all time on lj: "They hit him, Binny."

I spoke to mukamuk about Max Tundra on the phone earlier this year, shortly before leaving SJ. To be honest, I don't think he reads lj any longer, but I'll leave him on my list just in case. He dated Matthew for quite some time but that's been a while back. We all went to France together, once: click here for the awful proof. Dan's one of about three guys I know who has somewhat similar tastes in music, the others being sonoranbear, this guy Jeremy from Missouri?, and... uh, I guess it's really only two. I'd point out bearzebub but he's got a thing for Goldchains. I don't really grok Goldchains, at least not yet.

nfotxn is the recipient of the most expensive phone call I ever made. Who knew it'd cost me $2/minute to call Hamilton, Ontario? Fuck Sprint. Oh, wait a second... Brodie is the third man I couldn't remember in that last bit. I trade him WMAs of annoying music for bad MPEGs of ghey pr0n. It's a satisfying trade.

orgelcub seems to dropped off the face of the earth. I think he was born in the wrong century; he always seemed like he should have been born a hundred years earlier. He owns an wonderfully ramshackle house in Melbourne, has a voice straight out of a Merchant-Ivory flick, and took us on a great tour of the Great Ocean Road in early 2002.

oxbear is, I guess, Michael O'Rourke's new partner. Haven't met him, hope to do so soon.

pdsexton is some guy from down South who seems to like Swans as well. He wrote a really cool comment to some post I'd put up last month, but I fucked up and didn't respond. One of these days I'm gonna have to hook up with him, if only to see about that copy of This Burning World. Writes a mean post, too.

prattflat seems like it's my parents again. I have to figure out which lj account they're really using so that I can delete the duplicate one.

To paraphrase Jules Siegel, Who the hell is prowlerbear and how did he get on my friends list? Must investigate.

Last time I saw m_f_patterson was at his new house in Phoenix. There was a housewarming part with a lot of white zin going down around the pool out back. I wasn't comfortable with the guests, so I headed back to the hotel without Dan to wait out the crush. Came back later and had an absolute blast hanging out with him and his partner Earl. They're terrific guys and I'm irked that I've only ever spent about three hours with them. I harbor a certain desire to return to Phoenix and spend the weekend with them.

rangerbr and I are no longer on speaking terms. V. annoyed that he ran off with my Pantene™ when he visited Matthew in San José last year. No longer the prettiest.

Seriously, I met Chris at Lazy Bear a few years back. I still hold up hopes that we'll go to a Bob Mould show and have crazed weasel sex afterwards someday. I love his writing and still feel that I've pissed him off for all eternity with a couple of posts about Apple computers. Fuck.

redbear666 is Michael Wojo's partner. Doesn't post much, but when you're as handsome as Scott is, all you really have to do is sit there and look pretty. :)

scruzphreak is actually Michael Shulman, an ex-coworker of Dan's from Microsoft Mountain View. I really enjoyed going over to his house in San José to hang out with his wife and daughter Onya. They're cool.

sinnabor, Dan, and I all shared an apartment in Belmont, CA from 1994-1995. I briefly got a chance to live with Brian again shortly before I left San José for good, and I have to admit that it bums me out that he lives so far away. One of my real regrets in my life so far has been that I didn't spend more time with Brian. The only thing I don't like about him is his penchant for, shall we say, radically downmarket food. Tater tots do make me slightly nostalgic for the fine home cookin' of my elementary school cafeteria, but now that I can afford sweet potato French fries, I really don't understand going back to the 'tots. Then again, it's good value for money, and I always did like his Midwestern thrift.

I love sonoranbear, man. Wonderfully friendly, totally comfortable to be around, all around a real blast. If you haven't read his journal, start now. I especially sympathize with some of his posts concerning recent trends in the Bear community away from safer sex, and it's always fascinating to read about those of us exploring some, ahem, alternative relationship styles and/or careers.

I think stingray1975 is a friend of Brodie's. I do know that I enjoy reading his journal. Will have to chat him up if ever I return to Ontario.

Having left the Mozilla project in 2001, I enjoy keeping up with the latest and greatest from the OSS community. Hence sydhart's presence on my friends list. I honestly still don't understand why people give away their valuable programming skills for free, but that's a rant for another time. I met Dave briefly in Sydney but I got the feeling he didn't really want to talk to me. Still, he's kinda sorta part of my extended circle friends [via his ex chrisvandemore.]

Other than one or two IMs, I haven't spoken with teelo. Oh, wait, he did call the house in San José once, thinking Matthew was home, and got me instead. That was kind of uncomfortable, just because I don't know him very well. Thilo: just so you know, I would love to chat with you again, but I don't have an AIM account right now. Gibt's noch Vorschläge deinerseits? Hmmmm?

trckrfckr is a humpy Canuck I should by all means have fucked around with at Bear Pride in Chicago many moons ago, but I was already on my way to the airport. Life's like that.

It scares me that ultrabithorax would even briefly consider steroid use to somehow conjure up a body other than that which he was born with. I mean, he seems like a great guy, bright, writes well, yup... shame he seems dissatisfied with his body, but I guess that's not uncommon. Dude, just deal. There are better things to worry about, like whether or not you get eyelashes swimming around in that microscope thingy. That's gotta suck.

I don't know who the hell infobear is or why he's on my friends list. Maybe Dan said something nice about him a while back, I added him, and then forgot about it entirely. I don't remember reading any of his posts, so perhaps they're all friends only and I need to chat him up or something. Wish I weren't so clueless about these things.

I know vianegativa from Bear Pride in Chicago circa 1998. We, uh, fucked around a couple of times. I enjoyed it immensely. I'm kind of sad that I never got to see his shop before his closed, but hey, these things happen. I find his journal fascinating because it seems like he's living out sexual fantasies that many of us have but few of us actually act upon.

zombietruckstop brings out a kind of embarassing competitive edge in me. Plain and simple, Sean is the kind of guy I always imagined I'd become, but I never had his consistency, tenacity, intelligence, or wit. On the other hand, being around him is generally a fucking blast, just because he's damned funny, and because I guess I don't do too poorly trying to keep up with him. I'm still convinced that if he, Randy, I, Dave, Matthew, and Vince were in the same room at the same time, you could hear the laughter the next county over.

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