Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

The day today.

Today was good so far. Didn't really do much of anything for once; just slept in and then headed into town to, uh, shop for some stuff I won't mention here. Wound up in the Capitol Hill neighborhood and stumbled across a cool independent bookshop; I was enticed inside by a big display with a new Samuel R. Delany book. He's going to be in Seattle in two weeks or so to give a reading; you bet I'll be there. I haven't been to a reading since... oh, about 1993. Picked up a copy of aye, and gomorrah [the new Delany] as well as A Cook's Tour by Anthony Bourdain and City of Glass: Douglas Coupland's Vancouver. Hey, might as well; I'll probably visit Vancouver at least once by the end of the summer.

Drove around for a bit in search of food, but gave up and went to Taco Time for the very first time, only because it was in the parking lot of the Bellevue Trader Joe's. Taco Time is... uh, not my kind of place. Basically, it was like a weird retro version of Taco Bell, only much more expensive and with tater tots. I had a "crispy burrito" that was some weird deep fried bean tube. Ewww. Still, once again, I couldn't believe how friendly everyone was. I could get used to this; it's such a welcome change.

Picked up a few things at TJ's [milk, pasta, red sauce, a bottle of wine] and then headed home. I've been napping all afternoon, which is just wonderful. Dan's still asleep but when he gets up I'll probably cook the gorgonzola and pear pizza from TJ's and then settle down to some quality TV viewing... well, maybe not. The only way we have to view DVDs at the moment is a Xbox hooked up to a VCR with a crappy TV attached to that: Macrovision copy protection kicks in in this configuration, so the picture changes all over the place when you try to watch a DVD. Well, who knows, maybe Jackass or Futurama will hopefully have been too cheap to have Macrovision, unlike the disc of Far from Heaven...

In other news, the one-time-only blowout shopathon has begun. Yesterday we bought a Samsung fridge; tomorrow we're going to Ikea. New cookware from is on its way, and I'm now investigating a home theater setup for the house [I've never actually bought a home theater stereo system before, so this is new territory for me]. Dan's got a weather station and a Geochron to sort out, and then we'll be done with the very final dregs of our dot com money.

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