Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Movie review [briefly]

Just got back from the new Matrix movie. My impression:

- Excruciatingly boring for the first hour at the very least
- Unnecessary rave scene also excruciatingly dull
- Single most visually interesting shot is of a slice of cake, actually
- Movie only really interesting in two places: the first minute of the conversation with the Oracle + the freeway scene [good car crashes]
- If there's any one point of failure in this movie, it would have to be the soundtrack. It sounds like they hired some Berklee School of Music dropout to write the score for about twenty bucks. Basically, there are two modes: Phillip Glass mode, in which the music is basically boring but has that distinctive Glass timbre going on, and bad "electronica" mode, in which you get a generic synthe melody going that sounds like a preset on a groovebox, basically, but without any sort of musical interest or novelty. It's lower than pr0n music.

So... pretty disappointing. I kept thinking that this could be interesting if only they'd gotten someone to write a soundtrack that was as interesting as the visuals; specifically, probably Autechre, because their gantz_graf DVD was far more interesting visually and audibly than the entire Matrix movie was. Kung fu with fancy CGI trickery is kind of boring in 2003... but the same thing with sonically jolting, interesting, novel music might have been worth the price of admission.

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