Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Text fetishism

Well... that was unexpected. I just returned from Groningen and its eponymous museum, which had a surprise Peter Greenaway exhibit. Finally, for once I got to put my Dutch to good use, 'cuz absolutely nothing was in English at all. The centerpiece was a 2x3 set of large screens which ran an approximately 30 minute program of... writing with occasional other images. The text was apparently taken from a fragmentary Frisian text that was local to Groningen; it made very little sense to me ("On the twenty-ninth night of the moon, the waters rose... I took a horse"). However, it was somewhat interesting, and (yay) a good test of one's vocabulary. I'm so happy that I knew the Dutch words for things like 'sloth' and 'purity'; it was all very Middle Ages and odd. I think it's the sort of thing my friend Dan K would have enjoyed.

In other rooms, Greenaway had done his usual schtick, placing bones in plastic bags suspended from wires with large stencilled number tags attached with red ribbons. You get the idea. Another room had large rectangular glass cases partially filled with water, synchronized to a sound and light show that would set off, erm, displays in the cases. Lots of broken, decaying things, rusty mirrors... you know the drill. Pretty fun if also pretty incoherent.

Back to the hotel for me now - fell asleep on the train for a few minutes, and I need to be able to fall asleep where nothing of mine will be stolen...

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