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Reason #112 not to move back to California

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - An animal rights group sued Germany's Adidas-Salomon AG in a San Francisco Superior Court on Wednesday, alleging the company is selling cleats that include kangaroo products barred in California.

The suit also named several California stores that sell the Adidas cleats and running shoes that they say use kangaroo leather. The case seeks to halt imports of those products.

'Adidas is getting away with murder in Australia and California,' said Lauren Ornelas, an official at Viva!, the Davis, California-based animal rights group that sued. 'They are showing the same disregard for California law that the hunters show the baby kangaroos whom they bludgeoned to death.'

A spokeswoman at Adidas America Inc. in Portland, Oregon, declined to say whether any of their footware products contain kangaroo skin and she declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Good thing I left town before someone found out that I killed two 'roos in Western Australia last year!


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