Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Oh, for the love of Bacchus.

You know, I'm thinking I'm gonna be drowning in wine soon. Knowing that our new house has a perfect [well, I'm guessing it is; I didn't get a chance to measure temperature and humidity during my brief inspection of the property] wine cellar, I decided to blow out the very last of my AOL Time Warner employee stock purchase plan money on stocking it with good stuff. So, in the last month, I've arranged for about ten cases of various stuff to be delivered by the end of the month. This is, well, crazy. However, most of it - not all, but most - is actually stuff that might just improve if I don't get around to drinking it in the next ten years. Here's the short list of things yet to come:

- Bonny Doon is shipping a total of five cases by the end of May; this is mostly lightweight summertime stuff [their pink and white table wines], but some of it is "the good stuff" [their old vine mourvédre, for example]
- Ridge are shipping a mixed case by the end of May; this is a mix of the good and the curious [largely ATP selections, like old vine carignane]
- At Price Club last weekend, I happened across a case of the 2000 Plantagenet Mt. Barker shiraz from WA, which is my second most favorite Australian red wine of all time [after the Clonakilla].
- Some joint in Orange, CA has just shipped 3 cases of wine; a 50-50 mix of Aussie rieslings [10 Polish Hill, 2 Watervale, 6 mesh] and Italian zinfandel [18 bottles of the Aussie-made Anfora zinfandel from Puglia at a low low price of just $5.99/bottle]
- Finally, a case of the Clonakilla shiraz-viognier is supposed to arrive in June, although this is uncertain [no one knows for sure if they can actually find me any of it!]

So, Dan and I are going to be very well stocked for wine for about ten years or so, I think. Of course, I now realize I don't have any sparkling wine, but I think I can fix that later on in the summer... until then, time to concentrate on earning money for future wine blowouts, cuz the AOL Time Warner money is now officially gone! Ah well, it was fun while it lasted, and when I open a bottle of Grosset riesling ten years down the road, I'll drink a brief toast to Steve Case and his dot com impulse buy of a company that even in 1998 was already looking might irrelevant. Some bad decisions do work out well.

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