Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Grumpy! That's me!

Damn the Mamoosh for mentioning Patrick's fucked up-ness. I did a Google! search on a completely unrelated topic yesterday and I still ran into some prime gonzola:

“I am not much into the music scene to know... but one usually has to demand the attention to get it in the bear community.” - The Rev. Zachary P. Kucera, in conversation, 2002.

This was quoted as part of a fairly tedious article posted at the Bear History Project Web site. [I say it's tedious because it is: it uses a lot of "if one were" and "one would", which is certifiably tedious; it also fails to use adverbs (as opposed to adjectives) correctly, and uses the word "hegemonic" by the end of the first paragraph, which, let's face it, is way fuckin' tedious] And as is typical for muddle-headed Jesus freaks with severe personality disorders, the more I try to understand what Patrick was trying to communicate, the more bewildered I become. I just can't parse it. It's kinda like a bad Foucault manqué on crack trying to sound like they really have something important to say. I mean, think about it! What exactly is Patrick trying to say here? I have absolutely no idea.

May the article's author roast in Hell for using the phrase "in conversation," by the way. Fucking lazy, eh. And the guy is obviously a complete dildo - just check out some of the later sentences such as "Visible image is still a key factor in a band’s success and some audiences are not ready for the cut of a frontman’s trousers to be a 40” waist." Uh, yeah, whatever. Meat Loaf never could sell an album, and no one ever listened to Tad Doyle, either.

I'm gonna stop here because this isn't really worth talking about. I'm just trying not to fall asleep too early again tonight. I left tonight's Spring Thaw banquet well before it began to go home to take a nap, but that's another story.

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