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This week's record shopping in London was mostly a failure, which is fine by me. I wasn't in any position to spend a lot of money on CDs, so I kept my total purchases to well under $200, and that's including all the DVDs:

  • Lars von Trier, Riget

  • Two Ali G DVDs for Dan

  • Chris Morris, Brass Eye

  • The Soft Pink Truth, Do You Party?

  • Soft Cell, Monoculture [CD1, CD2]

  • Soft Cell, The Night [CD1, CD2]

  • Pet Shop Boys, London

  • Autechre, Draft 7.30

  • Björk, It's All In Your Hands DVD

  • Elv1s vs. Junkie XL, Some Annoying Song From A TV Ad That Only Cost 99p

  • Aphex Twin, 26 Mixes for Cash

  • Little Miss Trinitron, CPU Song

All in all, not very interesting. The biggest annoyance is that one of the Aphex discs is defective - it won't read the last track.

So far, my impression is that The Soft Pink Truth is the only real keeper here. It's fucking awesome. Matmos with a vastly improved sense of humor, basically. Wonderful sample usage, phat beats, etc. Worth every penny. The Little Miss Trinitron thing sucks beyond belief; the rest of it I haven't really heard yet. I did however watch the Chris Morris DVD with my parents, which was a lot of fun. He's got a new DVD coming out next week which Mom has ordered for me - go Mom! It's got all of the Jam episodes that aired on TV a few years back. Dad taped one on the family VCR for me, which contained the single most breathtaking thing I've seen on TV in 2003: a not to be believed interpretation of "Loving You" as performed by two very unlikely people. Wonderful stuff.

I made a lame attempt at finding Max Tundra stuff but it was a bust. I hadn't done my homework - forgot to write down the name of that recent comp with one of his tracks on it. And of course I probably wouldn't have done well with trying to get some of his vinyl home. He does have a new single out next week, which is of course gonna be fabulous. Can't wait to hear it!

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