Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

11-APR-2003 09:43:12, or: The end of an era

Looks like all of my AOL Time Warner ESPP shares just sold on the New York stock market. They sold at $12.78 a share, which is symbolic as it was the ESPP purchase price from August 1998, when I started at Netscape, which was eventually acquired by AOL before it became AOL Time Warner. This way I figured I could at least say I didn't lose any money on one lot of stock I purchased while I was working there. Of course, I did lose money on the rest of it - quite a bit of money - but compared to most other dot commers it's not that bad. At least the stock still had some value - and of course the options I exercised in the summer of 2001 were worth enough to get me to Australia for a year.

So, I'm glad that's over with. Time to erase those shares from My Yahoo!, turn the proceeds over to my creditors, write it off my taxes as a capital loss, and forget about it for now!

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