Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

One less thing to move, or: At least it fits in the recycle bin now

The cheap plastic garden chair I was sitting in just collapsed under the not insignifcant weight of my almighty ass. Ow! Something in the general taint area got bruised; the floor in Dan's old office now has a new, smallish divot in it. And the chair is in pieces, several of them, which will now easily fit in the recycle bin. A fitting end to the day, I suppose.

I've mostly vacuumed out the old homestead at this point. It looks a lot worse now that all of the swank Ikea furniture is gone; on the other hand, without the mammoth projection TV, it now looks like it's got the biggest damned living room you've ever seen.

I'm not overly sad about leaving here - it was the right decision at the right time. If ever one wanted to live the Silicon Valley lifestyle, 1994-2003 was the time to do it, and this house was certainly the place to do it. I feel lucky to have been here, in this place, at that time. Thanks again to that_dang_otter for hipping us to these digs, man.

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