Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

The schedule as of right this minute.

Now: Have lunch.

1.30 pm - 4.30 pm: Find 15 bugs before leaving FileMaker for the second time.

7 pm: Enjoy dinner with John and Anthony. I've got bottle no. 3 [of 1000] of the 1998 Sacred Hill 'Halo' botrytised semillon, as well as the Gary Farrell pinot noir genxcub kindly gave me in 2001, a bottle of grappa, and that Penfolds trial sangiovese set aside. Hope that's enough; if not, our cellar's only a block away.

Tomorrow: clean up the house, I suppose. Hopefully, Dan's new Honda Element will be available for pickup. I'm still working the deal with - they're understandably confused by the fact that the two owners live in different states and so on and so forth. Plus, I'm paying with a personal check - but one of those weird credit card company cash advance checks. We'll see how it all works out.

Sunday: Dan'll presumably be out of town, so I'll probably just hang at Brian's and watch a bunch of Farscapes or something.

Monday: Gonna have lunch at Google! with my buddy Phillip.

Tuesday: Get up early and drive to Corvallis, OR. Stay the night somewhere in town, take Half out to dinner, whom I have not seen in something like four years.

Wednesday: Do the short drive to Portland and get a hotel. Bum around Powell's for a while. I'd hoped to go hang out with clovisbear, but as luck would have it, he's headed back East [OK, more like the Midwest] this week. Have considered hitting up funkybearmartin for dinner company, but decided it would be way too gay to ask random handsome men to come meet me for a feed.

Thursday: Stop by the Esquin wine shop in Seattle and unload the Passat - it's probably going to have at least fifteen cases of wine loaded up in it. I'll be renting a locker there to keep it at a decent temperature until I can build a new cellar in our new house, or at least buy a wine storage facility for the garage of some kind.

Then, it's off to our apt in Redmond, followed by an expansive dinner and birthday party with friends.

Friday, I might have to fly back to SJ to do the drive on more time, this time with a Budget rent a truck with Dan. It's not clear yet.

Oh, and I want to get out to Stockton to have lunch with Edith Shellenberger, this wonderful woman, Cal grad, public health nurse, amazing cook, and so on and so forth. Haven't seen her in about four years, which is far, far too long.

And hopefully I'll go to the Microsoft new employee orientation on April 7. I'm still awaiting confirmation of that. Looks like a 50/50 chance right now - there's a small hiccup with the payroll/headcount department just now.

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