Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Nachrichten aus'm Ausland.

I haven't read a lot of European newspapers recently, but what I'm finding this morning is that I had absolutely no idea just how much shit Bush and company have started. This is the kind of damage that takes years, decades to undo; it's as if suddenly our involvement in World War II is forgotten, the Marshall Plan undone. It's truly breathtaking how much trust and respect the USA have managed to throw out the window in just a year or so. And why? I'm still not entirely clear as to how Iraq suddenly became a huge problem that had to be solved through war. What was wrong with just ignoring it as per usual?

Der Spiegel is Germany's most respected newsweekly, and usually an interesting, reliable source of information. The stuff they've got in their pages is pretty horrifying. Reports of German exchange students being harassed in American schools, crushingly horrible reports of American ignorance. Articles by legal experts talking about the illegality of attacking Iraq [Bush seems to justify it in terms of self-defense, but don't you really have to wait for an attack before retaliating?]. Now there's political talk of refusing Poland entry into the EU as they've sent soldiers to Iraq [that is not acceptable behavior for prospective EU member states, taking part in non-defensive military action].

Sometimes I really do wonder. I know that the USA leads the Western world in terms of ignorance and fanatical religion. And something tells me that headlines like "USA bombs Iraq, gives $10bn to Israel" just isn't going to make anyone happy... ugh. Better shut up now. This is all very, very irritating.

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