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Christopher Pratt

Found art.

Found some strange stuff under Dan's filing cabinet and bookshelf when I moved it up against the wall this morning [trying, and succeeding, to make everything look ultraspiffy for the realtors next week]. Most interestingly, I found a scrap of paper with someone's E-mail address on it - presumably someone Dan ran into at the bar? Anyhow, this person's AOL home page had the following text, which I reproduce here for the sole purpose of clogging up your bandwidth:

*Kelley* Ohhhhm there ain't no ticks on me...there ain't no ticks on me...there may be ticks on some of you chicks, but there ain't no ticks on me!! JAMONE!!!! JAMONE!!!! Are my boobs ok? wut one looks better? TORTURE RIDES! LoL! My icon looks like and everything! I am never spending the night at ur house ever again!!! u suck!!! ur mean!!!! u r soooo mean! you will never have to take me home at 5 in the morning again b/c i am never going to ur house again! The white dog will bite you!! My letter to Austin...haha! Carly is so funny! U still like James I know you do. Want to play softball in woodville again??? HAHA!! DEHET DEHET!! what color are you going to bleach ur hair? why do u hate eddie? u gonna Steal a sign? LIAR!! gonna take a shower? Chris Kitchens ( what an idiot ) umm kelley i can't talk to you anymore because Angela gets on your screen name and talks to me and makes me sad. hey kel, stick out ur hands twice and say while ur doing that "SHE ASKED ME" ur the highlight of my year! u annoy me when we play spit! LOL!!!!!4:03 and 28 seconds....and the dog barked!!! deep breath-let it out & say--shamary shamary shamary lol. u want his last name? lol. LANDRY EWWWWW!!! lmbo! Thanks for tipping me off of the 4-wheeler and shattering my knee!! got a nut? those guys were gay. My underwear make me feel caged in! They aren't my underwear they're YOURS! you have CRAP underwear! My underwear fell off in the mall! ahhh!! lol. The escalator...very're picky!!! i think they're free... lol!! *James* softball. Shortstuff. Football games. U not telling me about u know who. (thanks) fruit. ( not a banana I know it's not a fruit )Is my house messy? We fight sooo much! Spit....YOU CHEAT!!!! my underwear are making me feel caged in! You're an unwiped butthole! lol....Thanks for always being there for me. I like to wash my car myself cuz u ppl do a crappy job! he was uuuuugly!! that guy wouldn't answer his door!! fudger!!! this neighborhood sucks! they're all mean ppl in it! and everybody hides from us! ur the cutest and im the worstest! everybody rejected me and everybody injected you! JUNK FOOD! lets dance!!! but why won't you dance? how am i supposed to know if u can dance if u won't show me! DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT! ur not typing ur not typing ur not typing ya idiot! my hair-tie is not gay!!!!! move ur big buttcrack! talk outta the side of ur mouth...u can't do it! FEEL MY NOSE! no thats gross! lemme clean ur house ok? ask stephen wut he took! subway diet! jared changed ur life forever! ya big blimp! i will slap ur FACE! i can burp whenever i want! grunt grunt grunt! suck in or blow out?!? wut one do u do?
staple on u!! u wanna fight?! come oon bring it right now! oh its already been broghten! nancy drew! everybody in the club is humpin humpin! break his leg so he can't run track nomo! i will tell you one more freaking time and then ill kick that small pathetic thing u call ur hiney - MY HAIR-TIE IS NOT GAY!!!!!! We're family right?!? candy's comin ova! wut're u doin?! o0o0o0o rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! 2 ppl can do it at tha samne time! bathroom incidents....ahhh this feels good! HaHaHa! oooooooh my gosh im gonna cry! Lincoln is gonna be so cool! i am not paying u for gas cuz u are going to the same place! weight does not make ur gas go by faster so me being 106 lbs does NOT make ur gas go by faster so shut up im not paying u gas money cuz u have to go there anyways! new day, new I.Q. test! Angela is to donkey as Kelley is to dog! huummm, playtex gentle glide hummm, Angela, do u have any superplus? I have a small TV!!! massager balls - my mom looked at u freakin out! OH NO KELLEY!! the ocean called and they said i ate all the goldfish! there's nomo!! carrot top the hermapherdite - you look like him! a man that sits on a toilet is high on pot! gross man - somebody needs bean-o MAXIMO! gosh that has been leaking for 10 whole days! SO CALL URSELF A PLUMBER! u tried to plug it up but it jus won't stop! well carrot top - lets sit here all night and think up things cuz u don't have very much! hahaha! ur so awesome kel! we have been best friends for 10 years and will be forever! I LOVE YOU KELLEY!!!


Crystal ~ Hey babe! JAMONE!! movies all night at Kelley's house. Rush Hour 2!! can I come clean ur room anytime I like?? The american flags. September 11th papers in out neighborhood!! Can I borrow ur clothes? like all of them? If I can't eat meat what do I eat? Salad and pasta? YW for standing up for u at softball! dehet dehet....Will you hold out your hands so I can pee in them? Do you want some mashed potatoes? Hey you can also eat pizza chesee pizza. I want some ice cream be back in a hour. wait wait wait I want some ice cream. Ok it's been like 5 miles by now....but I want some ice cream! Do you want to go sleep outside again? If we do I hope no one shoots at us again! That scared that crap out of me! Do you promise not to leave me again?? Short people these days! I still want Gavin's autograph!! You want to meet half way again? But you will have to hold on cuz I have to find a new book to read! Did we go the wrong way? We have been walking forever! Maybe we should hitchhike. We almost there yet? Want to ride up to Pan again for an icee? I hope those people don't come after us again!! The green and purple monkies! U hurt my feelings! I love YOU!!!!! you want some kool-aide? Just lick your hair!(snoring) Shamary Shamary Shamary! Ohh and the dog barked at 3:33 and 33 seconds.She asked me to(hand movement) Spit...Cheater!! Speed! I did not grab Brandon's butt you are soooooooooooooooo gross!!!! do I really have to Stay 10 feet away from JP?! Hey my underwear are making me feel caged in! Tatoos. Man you are a weirdo!! Pink hair. Hey lets live together when we are older and buy a donkey named it Jack and get a husband Jack and then we can say Oh yea Jack is a S (say it). Oh no the little white dog might bite me.We have to go to the mall and start our new stlye lol that would be the funniest thing in the world. I won't lie, I liked the way you cut my pants even the slit. Do you want to know what I got for christmas? (Boys II Men I'll make love to you) I'll make love to you like you want me to, And I'll hold you tight, baby all through the night and I will not let go until you tell me to. Emily..hah! that was gross. Your a bed hog! Loser! Ok! I am gonna stop promise. Wing stop man i am so loud! i lost you ur 5 dollars and Kelley's 5 dollars too. Hey wallace boys! Thanks for making me the center of your life! I Will your clean closet!! if I Find anything good in there, I might just need a bigger bag to go home with. Hey Crystal, we are not anyones type. I am depressed. What's holding them together??? Want anymore of my clothes. White chocolate sucks!!!!!!!!! Nutri-Grain bars! Hot potatoes burn your lip yo. I am the family favorite!! Van is going to get a tatoo with my name and it's going to say "angela wallace is the Tyre family's ALL TIME favorite NOT CRYSTAL! Do you play Tennis for Lincoln?? i am not going to Stop stealing the chocolate out of the fridge! It's so good!! i mouthed it i know i did. Snood. i soooooooooo just mouthed what i wasn't supposed to. MY UNDERWEAR FELL OFF IN THE MALL!! AHHHHH! Bench! Fudge you! Stop licking! Fagalicious. Hi, My name is Angela, we have never met...LET GO OF MY HAND U LOSER! SLAP!! lol. Does this ever end? Raheem is soooo cute! He needs a chewy! Lets play go fish over the fone! This freking thing won't turn off I wonder why. Just maybe it the wrong controller! these things are like Shoe laces!!! LOL!! did landry pee in MY yard? GROSS!!!! I am never going by that bush again! Landry driving around that corner with us in the car...HELP! we're gonna smash into those trees! I lost the bet it's 14 - I just checked it. YOU WON 10 BUCKS!! Adolf or Adolph? The lotto sign looks nice. PUT IT DOWN PPL ARE COMING. . .ok, lets go its so heavy! It hit my foot and my big toe! I have to pee...I have to pee again...I HAVE TO PEE AGAIN!! I looked like the hoochie for the first time in like 2 years! I was the biggest hoochie! HaHaHa. . . Taco Bell - that guy at the pizza place...ppl need to go on weight watchers! That movie was funny! The laundry detergent...we are sooo lucky! It was just there right when we were going to buy some we found it in a cart! wut luck! Kelly is acting drunk! Lemme push her in the cart...HeHeHe....i'll flip her! Spencers! you say hello u just hear funny! wut is that noise?! its satara trying to break a jaw breaker! ur coach falling over. . .LOL!! that was the funniest thing I have ever seen in my entire life! lets talk all during the movie! u sat in the middle...HaHaHa! that was funny! I'm going to bed now. you're a bed hog!! You sleep talk!! You said something and a bunch of stuff and then I love you. then, you flipped over and said a bunch more stuff and said deserve. What did you dream about? Lets go walking. Don't flick me and wake me up u fag. It was only 8! I tricked you and made you drink coke. NOT!! you lied and said i did u LOSER!!! MY bathing suit top...Look it fits...YEAH IT FITS ME! Nice lip gloss! It was emily's! Do you feel super tall? Mac&cheese for dinner! YUMMY!! church. . .my sister saying shhhhhh! BALL THEIVES FOREVER! My lil sis....ready harry? READY! Mock..yeah! Ing..yeah! Bird..YEAH! yeah...YEAH! lol *dumb and dumber* one word...puberty! Why won't you take me to clubs? I can dance good! You have never seen me dance good only bad! The cold sore....i feel like all ur looking at is my big fat zit! 7 squares away from the bench....stay one square apart from each other! MY ROOM IS MESSIER THEN URS! kiss kiss! all these bikes have flat tires! Ifwe mess up the tire we have to buy a new one...ITS ALREADY MESSED UP YA MORAN! Riding on the sides of cars! wheee! doing that guys lawn w/my shirt off! "HaHaHa" ur an idiot angela! i knew there was a reason i didn't like him! kimverly's room is clean are you blind?! Wut's worse then no deodorant? NO WATER!! Purple team looks like Barney! HEY EMILY'S ON THAT TEAM SHE'S MY FRIEND! PIZZA BABY! ouch my side hurts! those shirts are huge! haha i lied about bradley! we are such lesbos! kelley's 4-wheeler...ahh lol our tounges! Lets o swimmin in our underthings ( good thing I'M not wearing a thong ) can u see thru my "underthings" I love the does my sister...LoL it's so LESBIAN! lets run down the beach butt-naked! LoL jus kiddin! My sunburned chest is nasty! our *secret* swing...i can't believe you actually did that you loser! I GAINED 10 LBS!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!! BFF!!! ur the best!

Mitchell--hey butthead!! I KNOW MORE ABOUT SOFTBALL THEN YOU! i don't care if i make u mad ya big meany! lol yur the best cousin!! don't ever call me back! im gonna cut off his hands and shove them up his butt! stay away from girls...they're bad news...mack daddy...u are such a pimp. u gave my sister the worst wedgie! DO NOT tell my brother "things" he's too weird! lol ur so awesome! thanks for bein on my side!! ur a bad influence on me! lol. i love you!! yur the best cousin!!!! You shouldn't beat ppl up!!

Chris ~ hey! who's my daddy?! lol thanx for letting me dump on you! teach me how to play basketball! that was fun! u've had better. lol. uglyboy...YEAH RIGHT!!!! lol. ur so weird! sry about ur black i have known u a long long time! i love you!!!

Michelle--hey girl!! can you believe kelley knocked us off her 4-wheeler? what a jerk!! lol. wake me up at 8 okay? Pink hair and chubby and acne faced and yuck! Carly is sooo funny! haha!lol wanna borrow my bathin suit? how many times u wanna switch? thanx for the flash!! lol! yur brother is so cute!! can i feed him? lol! Lets walk to kelley's house at 12 at nite again! where is ur toothbrush and my shirt? oh no! Angel is gonna kill us! I'm scared going thru his yard he has a gun! its freezing! Ur parents dancing in ur room. HAHA!! Those cokes were so nasty! I gotta pee!! Ugh! they were so disgusting! The hammock-lets flip it over! the tree is going to fall over its dead! oops i didn't say that ur mom was not there! oh gosh its chris! ahhh! help me! hide me hide me! This summer is going to kick! this spring break too!! woohoo! lol! Ur my all time best friend! ur lil bro's "bear bear" that commercial! haha! Are u gay? Can u dance with me? *strip jinga* lol! i ate all ur sweet tarts! One more time everybody ...MICHELLE'S COKE SUCKS!!!sorry the movie wasn't there! I am not doing another thing with you until u ask me and plan everything. GEEZ! lets walk home b/c kelley is in a bad mood! don't let our butts touch! that blanket is too hot! i like ur shirts! lol... love the lil violin....wanna play the piano togther again? lets walk! ur so bad!!!!! oh man that coke was disgusting!! way too much!! ugh! the hammock-lets flip over! CHEX MIX!! lets throw it in the air and let it hit our teeth and it bounce off! movie immatations, ur lil bro's "bear bear" that comercial. hurry okay turn off the light and run as fast as u can into the bed! lets leave on the closet light im scared! I have to pee! pillow fights! This summer is gonna kick! Spring Break too! MAke-overs!! lol u suck at eyeliner and lipliner! i don't care about u know who. Don't fall out of the tree! I got my legs and arms wrapped around the tree. boom every branch i hit boom! hit my head and fall to the ground. My bro is histerical. Those stupid ppl at the daycare place! a fungus in his mouth?! Can I come live with you? Lets blow into the phone! You are a liar! Kelly is going out of town for the week-end can i go to angela's house? LOL!! LIAR!!!!!!! don't try to get back at ur parents like u did ever again please! lol. i love you!!! halloween LOL that was so much fun! u are so awesome and have been there for me a lot lately. 656-3235 HAHA!! My UNDERWEAR ARE FALLING OFF! can i borrow ur clothes? IM sooo sorry about u know wut! lets walk to amaya's. lets go again! kelly better watch out for ur brick things! do me and kelley fight too much? sry we made ur mommy hate us! lets put on make-up all over our face! can i have that picture of me please?! don't show ne1! the hats! pet cemetary and the excorcist....AHHH! lets all get on one section of the couch! im scared! the girl coming down the stairs that guy should have known with the lil boy! geez ppl these days! do u really worry about me? hide and seek in the house...the mag lab ( the didn't even look at our paper) that guy stepped on ur foot! lemme step on his! I'm glad we aren;t on "I hate you terms" although i don't really know how things are between us im glad its better than before. i love you girl!!

Christina- ur a hoe! lol. ewww my brother? and daniel? 19 years old?! man! lol ur pretty cool. the back rub felt so good. take down ur hair!! lol. i love ya u lil youngin. lol. i hope u don't have to move! WHY DID UR GRANDMA DELETE UR SCREEN NAME????? ugh!!!!! lol ur such a sweetie! i love ya lots hun!

Taylor- ur the best cousin!! rollorblading? lol u don't like me as much as my brother :( our hunket. lipstick. hoochies. my jacket!! CHILLI!!!!! lol. i love u cuz!! ur awesome!! UR MY ALL TIME FAVORITE COUSIN!! call me babe!

Candy- hey pookie!! best wishes sweet kisses hot stuff!! bubble butt actually i have never seen it but i will one day...LMBO!!! u beautiful thang you...hottie....i wanna hold u and kiss you and caress u and love u and sit on a mountain and hold you till the stars come out i love u sweetest kisses always hun i love you forever pookie!! LOL!!!!!!! faggot!!!! hehe we're evil!!

Josh~ UR CAR SUX!!!

Emily ~ Pookie ~ My best friend! can I practice with youagain? jk! i looked like a loser! I hit the fence! OWWW!! ur a big pig! u look like an animal! I feel used and abused! USER! my tru love! LOL!!! DON'T EAT ME!!! the studdering guy the jjjjjjaajjaajaaaps are here! pearl harbor kelleys dad the email, u eat too much candy! EAT MY FACE! fosho..chris the wigger go to ur corner the movies lol chris hold your tittys i don't know what to do about keith and brian and chris and lol ur a prep u walk funny JOSH, lollypop, LOSERS!!! Melanie & Chason....Chris kitchens! the blnket japs, dang japs, that bum . poop teeth, my funny picture.....Cry baby where's ur ring it's 3 in the afternoon ur so weird im not lesbo! nice shirt u have on thereskirt do those jeans fit you? purple herpes, titty twisters, uranus, cooties, close your eyes and he wont see you, joshcomin ova? UMMMM, NO! love ya Nice SN ya got there!! greeaan and blur!
w/e floats your boat tickles my pickle, homo, bite me hoe, Animal=Melanie @ lunch tomorrow, mommy mommy thats how I want my hair, Sweet tarts, ur thumb, Orange county, animal crackers, Lesbians, be calm and close your eyes! who wants me? EVERYONE! turn down the radio, movies, bradley and chasen get off of me!!, my 3 ex boyfriends, look at all the hoochies (other than you i mean)Animal Crackers, James, can i suck you ring NO! suck my finger!! your yellow hair-tie, whos that?? dixieboys! (keith) yellow pants,water bras, and the hard core ones! I WILL EAT YOUR FACE! don't eat me!! lets go shopping!! dont touch my booty! ill hit your boobs! U hit my boob really hard! that hurt!! IM not laughing at you, im laughing at her ( point my finger) sniff sniff sniff sniff waaaaaaaaa waaaaaaa sniff sniff CRY BABY! Anything for the princess. Yes master! Softball is not a sport for hoes! i duno where u have played b/4 but here we don't dress like that! My chest is all sticky! WE beat you! hahaha! nice hittin! stick ur tounge out at me! nice pitching! ur note...did u like it? my friend gave u a dirty look?! HaHaHa...gee, i wonder why?!?! do u know? how was prom? did bradley ask u out yet? kiss kiss! yucko! i wrote you a poem! roses are red and violets are blue...sugar is sweet my love but not as sweet as you! LOL!! do u like it? MY TOE HURTS!! write EMF on the butt of my shorts! or FSU! walk me to my car so i won't feel like a dork! my shirt looks just wonderful! ur special cuz u wrote on the front and nobody else is going to! the lights behind you it looks like a stadium! i got u pink gatorade! oh no its red! haha BIG RED! lol GO PURPLE HERPIES! lol im so funny! BFF!!! I love you!!

Lacey ~ sniff sniff sniff waaaaaaaa its so sad! waaaaa!! sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff....I'm not laughing at you Emily, I'm laughing at her (point my finger ) lol! Hey I really really like you. You had a girlfriend last christmas but i mean, i love you. *josh* lol he's so stupid!! gdw919 and mattvin86...HE IS SUCH A FREAK! I will show our conversations to my dad and he is a cop! lol! AMBER!!! lol Yellow!! mustangs kick butt! Michael! I'm gonna reply to that e-mail like u wrote it to me! E-mail buddies, 4-wheeling, u sexy thing u, make me hit the fence!! practicing with you, me lookin like an idiot, is ur head ok? who is the best?! u got me out so i had to get you out!! how did u like my writing in the dirt? HaHaHa! we beat you! im jk lol i don't even care! did u like my note? LoL! ur computer needs to get fixed! i gots ta tell ya wut *<3*<3*<3* said! can u believe that bout michelle? that was sooo sad! haha gosh i can't believe emily was mad at you for telling me wut she told you to say! haha that was really funny! ur really cool and we have to hang out this summer because u have a car! LoL next year is gonna be so cool!! emily and you and everybody else i know hehe u have to take me off for lunch!! i love you!!

Lauren ~ LOL!! read those e-mails from chris. He is so stupid and weird! HAHA! Glad we're not mad at each other anymore...we cool right? Melanie and her bright pink dress!

Bradley~ i swear im not gay! Melanie is not my best friend! it's soo cool that u went to school! you=sexy me= freak, ugly, fat, overweight, loser!
when u looked at ur butt, you thought of me? how sweet! when i look at a big steaming pile of dog crap, i think of you

Carly ~ We're so mean to ppl on the net! Austin is so gay! Pink hair...GAY!!!! Lance is ugly, short, stupid, mean and a fag! Close the box! lol! That's for calling my dad a fag! Melanie is such a jerk and so mean! Lance is gonna kick my butt! ahh! im scared of a 5 footer! Trojanman17bb is so mean!! LOL!!! gdw919...guy from chiles is a freak! Anybody mess with you, they mess with me...same for u right?! EVERYBODY BLOCKS ME!! did u already hear about it?! FAG!! who me or him? WHO IS THIS! i acted like i didn't know you! geez i can't believe my sis told james! looser! i look like her! hehe! im turh with melanie! could u pick me out of a crowd? friends...when are we gonna meet?! You and James are meant to be together!! im glad ur going back out, melanie could never take that away from you! HaHaHa i feel like such a fag!!!!! i love ya!

Michael - we like the same music! im so glad i have u to dump on! lol we have only met once and i tell u everything! volts wagon! john bill...u don't know how to spell! im very christian! girls are gay?!?! how dare you! geez i can't remember anything to say on here and we talk like everyday! i am losing my mind!!!! oh well! i love ya!

Keith- im a loser?! well thanx! i shouldn't even have u in here u mean freak! whodi! ur mean i never wanna talk to u again! jk!

Jennifer - so ur gonna have the best profile right? lets call ppl and say wut u made up okay! like 20 diffrent ppl! i like ur thingy...yah know that wax thing?! woohoo its cool...lets go to wing stop! that was funn! lemme make everybdoy look like an idiot! aren;t i good at that?! im good at everything...jk! lol i love ya!

Julian- ur bad!!! lmbo! i can't believe u! did u get kicked out of school? ANGIE!!! ugh i hate that name. im taller then u and i could kick ur butt!

the other Angela-softball! lol remember that like 10 years ago? panama city..those kids chasing us all over the old were they like 10? lesbians...ur pants are a lil tight don't ya think? ur bathing suit was too small for me! that was fun in that tube thingy! ur mom was scared! next time ill say hey to you! when im not with 4 lil kids! thanx for the pants lmbo i guess mine were a lil large huh? im gonna steal ur belt! i have been wanting one like that forever! lets play cards in ur car! ur dad " im gonna give u this ( holding up his fist) and u.."well ill just give you this ( flick him off) LOL!! love ya!

Kelly - Lotto sign, adolph or adolf? 14 or 12? 20 bucks for candy!?!? want a drink? was the movie dumb? ur wallet is gone! oh no! laundry detergent, acting drunk, cemetary signs, lemme push u in the cart! I'll flip you! That guy u work with. . .i look 16 or 17?!?!? cool! HaHaHa!! He kept calling me "kelly's little sister" running over the guys feet! haul booty out of here!! hurry! HeHeHe! spencers! girls night right? the beach was so awesome! LoL the sunburn WASN'T! THIS is all YOUR fault! Don't talk trash bout Emily! She's my friend! man my boobs hurt! Jason is so funny! connect the dots! LoL! I love you!!!

Kyle - You're my bestest friend in the entire world! i love you soooooo much! i won't say wut you said in yours! ya loser! lol gosh i could put things on here but im not going to cuz...ahem you know but you know wut im taklin about babe! I PUT YOU IN MY HOMEPAGE!!! I'm the best ever....right?! omg i can't believe i was locked in the basement! that was sooo scary! they're the meanest ppl i have ever known!!!!! i can't believe they made you call me to shut me up....fags! haha 10:10 make a wish! wait a sec, its only 9:03! LoL ur so crazy! love ya babe!

Kayla - HB!!!!!!!!!!! LoL! ugh the shorts were disgusting! that was just WRONG! ugh!! eww! gosh they were so GROSS!!!!! LoL so how do u like lindley and kristin?! I know how much you lo0o0o0ove them!!! wut did you have for lunch???? Thats really funny! sry ur on a fruit cake team! ur my best friend and you got a 100! (shhh i wo't tell anybody!!) LoL i love ya babe!

Matt - BIG EARS!!!!!!!!!! sup my homie...aka tootsie i can't believe you talked to my mom and called her a fag! our underwear contest ( who has the best ones ) you and ur darn hearts! you shouldn't go turkey hunting! u big fat loser! Later dawg

Nicole - hey u ugly beast!! softball is fun - us benchies gotta stick together! wahoo! lol gosdh i can't believe we had to run we just sat on the bench the whole time!!!! im not a fathead! share the wealth! haha that blanket was so warm! thanks for letting me share it with you...running with it was really fun! haha luv ya baby!

..:*bYe ByE*:..
see ya later my homies...LoL jus kiddin!

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