Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt


• First name: Christopher
• Middle name: Not available
• Last name: Pratt
• Age: 33
• City of Birth: Stockton, California: Asparagus Capital of the World
• Height: 190cm
• Eye color: Blue
• Hair color: Echt, baby
• Shoe size: 47

• Do you drink alcohol: No, just wine, sometimes pilsner
• Do you smoke: Yes, cock
• Do you take drugs: No, I never just take them; I can afford them
• Do you bite your nails: No, I hammer them
• Do you curse: No. That's right. I'm the guy with the good attitude towards menstruation.

• How many times have you been in love: I contain multitudes.
• Are you in love now: Awwwww yeah. [Spoken using the black cop voice in Futurama.]
• Do you get asked out a lot: Good Christ no.
• Do others find you attractive: Yes, until they encounter my repellent personality.
• Feature you're most complimented on: Life In These United States, even though I don't write it.
• The magic number? Posdnous sez it's 3, yes it is, that's the magic number. [What does it all mean?]

• Do you have a certain scene? The motorcyclist dying in Der Himmel über Berlin.
• Do you own a CD or LP copy of the Melvins album, "Prick?" Yes. However, "Larry" is the only good song on that disc.
• Ever had sex with someone from the opposite sex? Awwwww yeah.

• Anyone on LJ you can't stand? Yes, but they're offline thinking up new afflictions just now.
• Biggest pet peeve about LJ: bear_with_me's overuse of the Return key, but hey, he's new to computers. Better interesting writing than überkorrekt keyboard usage.
• When you think of LJ, you think of: "Log Jammin'", the Jackie Treehorn movie. That anarchist can repair meine Kabel anytime.

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