Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Drainage: tonight's use.

Sometimes you can't buy a thrill. I've just poured two bottles of wine down the drain: a 1999 Rosemount diamond label pinot noir, and a 2000 Caliterra syrah. Jesus God is this some nasty shit. The Rosemount was vaguely like eating sour cherries covered in Pixie Stix dust - with an awful lot of acid along the side. Really vile stuff. Then again, most pinot noir for less than $30 is, and much of it that costs more than that is. Vive la terroir!

The Caliterra was especially disppointing because I think there's a fault in the wine, but I can't put my finger on it. I'm guessing it's contaminated by Bretannomyces, because it's got a really weird flavor like licking a cheap pair of leather gloves... it permeates the wine slightly, not enough to make it truly repulsive, but just enough to really put a ding in the pleasure of drinking it. I wonder what's wrong with it.

Ah well. Current cellar estimates: down to 2 cases of "drink before I move to Seattle", and approximately 22 cases of "really really good stuff that can be cellared up to at least 2010". I'm working with Dave-my-boss to get good cases for it so that it'll survive the trip to Seattle. Oh, and I have to call the wine store there to see about storage rental until I can build a cellar in our new house.

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