Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

How very odd.

Lucy Herself, the director of Quality Assurance, stopped by my cube this afternoon to chat about... Washington. Turns out her husband's a Microsoft employee, and she commuted back and forth from Redmond to the Valley for five years. She mainly was doing management by walking around, which has never actually happened to me before; Jan L., the QA director at Netscape, would generally never waste her time on her employees [after all, you'd stand a better change of a promotion and more cash if you spent your time schmoozing AOL management instead]. Anyhow, she asked if it were true that I would be staying around until August 31, 2003, to which I said yes, that is the intention, but there is a very small chance I might get an interview and a job before then, in which case I would leave FileMaker. I believe she got the message. What could management do, anyhow? If they can find a replacement now, that'll still only keep me around for a few weeks, which should be enough for me to earn the money to pay my taxes for 2002, and then happily join Dan in Redmond. Something tells me, though, that they'd rather hope I'm around for the summer. It's always easier just to hope rather than to proactively find a replacement...

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