Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

TN: 2000 Bisci Verdicchio di Matelica + Safeway Gourmet Club Spicy Chicken with Green Beans

1. This wine is booooring. However, unlike the cheap Italian whites of just a decade ago, it's clean, as in "it doesn't taste like stale smoke". It's kinda sweet, although still barely under control, but the real fault here is that the aromatics just aren't really there. I'm not sure how to describe this grape, but it's not one of the real heavy hitters, and it doesn't seem particularly distinguished. At least with a riesling or a gewürztraminer or a viognier, you're getting a really distinct something; with verdicchio, you're getting... well, it's pleasant, but so what? About the only thing that's kinda distinctive is a slight bitter note at the finish, which is fairly satisfying.

This wine was about $7 at Oddlots in Albany. I wouldn't buy it again, but only because there are plenty of other $7 wines that I like much, much better.

2. The Safeway Gourmet Club Chinese food turned out to be fairly scrummy. And their cheap rice is pretty decent - no, it's not as good as the expensive stuff from Lundberg or Trader Joe's, but it is still okay, unlike some of that horrible broken grain stuff you get at really cheap Chinese restaurants. The chicken's just spicy enough, but the real treat for me is the green bean part, of which there are *lots* of green beans. Plenty of food for two men, total cost well under $5 including rice. Needs to be microwaved a little bit longer than the box suggests, though; I'll keep that in mind the next time.

Tomorrow: the dread leftover lasagna, which is intriguingly improving in taste each day it sits in the fridge. The noodles keep getting softer, and the spices in the tomato sauce get to be a little bit more pronounced. And I can't believe this $8 lasagna has lasted four days so far. Amazing!

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