Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Library in order.

I can't believe I alphabetized the whole thing!

Just kidding. I only alphabetized nine out of the twelve bookshelves.

The library of Bear and Marmot is now mostly in order.

Dan's room: 3 bookshelves. 1 "work books" [Microsoft Press books, O'Reilly books, and so on, plus the Yellow Pages]. 1 half CDs, plus random detritus [high school yearbooks, photo albums, boot sealer, rocks from Australia, and so on. Oh, and lots of back issues of home improvement magazines]. 1 all gardening books [with a few interlopers such as The Ultimate Lego Book].

Chris's room: 4 bookshelves. 2 entirely filled with CDs. 1 is all German language books, including the exhaustive Ralf König and Max Goldt collections, with a special "extra tall" shelf for stuff that didn't fit [Evening Edged in Gold, a book on the Le Corbusier Philips pavilion at the Brussels world fair, coffee table books]. 1 is travel and art books, with all kinds of stuff from Australia as well as random shizznit like the Wolfgang Tillmans book [which kicks ass - I pored over it eating my cornflakes thie morning].

The living room: 5 bookshelves, which contain all my fiction [one and a half]; the rest is everything else, like the popular science books, the biographies, the humor, the "tiny" books [like those Penguin 60p books - although I know clovisbear doesn't wanna read Bartleby the Scrivener again!], and just... everything else, from the "Loving Someone Gay" book [where the hell did that come from?] to high school textbooks [from both RLS and Conejo Park High!] to two shelves just jammed full with uncataloged loose papers, maps, brochures, etc. Man.

It was a long slog. And hell, I even vacuumed after I finished. The house is looking pretty darned good right now - can't wait for Dan to get home.

The next step for is me probably to borrow the digital camera and spend a day photographing things and then throwing them out. I don't want to take all of my shit up to Seattle. Yeah, I've got some cool Soviet tea boxes, Japanese snack food boxes, my bottle of "Moz Away" [which used to stand watch over my cube at Netscape]... but it's time for it to go. The OK Soda bottles, however, are staying. I insist.

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