Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

1 hour, 55 minutes.

Went by the brand spanking new Safeway in Santa Clara after work today, the one in the weird new subdivision with the Sun campus, near the old Agnews hospital. Big store, pretty nice, fairly empty. Weirdest of all, though, was that they didn't have any Michelob beer, and no one in the store seemed to know what it was, even though it was advertised in this week's circular. Ah well. I didn't really need beer... but they had Radeberger Pils, and I couldn't resist. Otherwise, just stocked up on an awful lot of ez cook dinner stuff, strangely enough mostly Canadian. Oh, and a big-ass bag of rice for only $5 - one of those 25 pound bags you never see anybody buying. That's exactly as much as the last rice I bought, but the other stuff, you only got 4.4 pounds in the bag. The anticipation of seeing how much better or worse the cheap rice is is... well, not that great.

Got home, started to unload the car and pack up the fridge 'n freezer. Noticed that the huge "serves 10" lasagna in the freezer was taking up too much room, so I took the pizza stones out of the oven, turned it on... and promptly sliced open my finger sweeping crumbs out of the bottom of the oven. Who knew there were sharp metal edges in there? It's one of those nasty open flap of skin numbers. Yeah, it stopped bleeding eventually, but this typing will probably open it up again. Silly bruin.

So, the lasagna takes 1 hour 55 minutes to bake. Good thing I'm not hungry now... but I'll probably be famished at 8.

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