Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Tonight's selections.

First off, I steamed me some broccoli, added a can of chicken, and mixed it all up with some Trader Joe's Sichuan peanut sauce + noodle kit. The verdict: bleah. Too much ginger in the peanut sauce, too many noodles. But at least Dan'll have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

More pleasing was tonight's wine: a 2001 Palazzone Dubini Bianco from Umbria. Yeah, I'm still entirely clue-fuqued when it comes to Italian wine, but I swear they must have changed something there in the past ten years. I remember Italian wine, especially white, as always being horribly nasty. This stuff is smooooth. And to think it only cost me $6 or so! According to some dubious Web site, this is 50% procanico, 20% grechetto, and some other stuff, the only component of which I recognize is malvasia. What the hell is procanico? Well, thanks to Google! and my skill with furrin languages, I guess it's a small berried mutation of trebbiano - as if I really knew what that was. Oh, it's something like ugni blanc, which I guess is what you make cognac out of? Ah, screw it, it's all too complicated for me. My eyes are all blurry from database testing and I need to chill in front of the TV.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Dan's getting taken out to dinner; his romantic gift arrived this afternoon [ahead of schedule]. And no, it won't be the Falafel Hut again this year; Daddy's got a brand new job. I'm thinkin' the Straits Café for a good baba and nonya feed.

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