Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Mmm pizza.

It's almost done. My tummy is rumbling. I'm enjoying a glass of honest to God French rosé from the Côtes-de-Provence or something. Domaine de la Camaïssette. Sounds like a French equivalent of Cutty Sark, but what do I know? The color is unappealing - it looks like watery pink lemonade - but it tastes pretty good. Nice and subtle, not too much residual sugar, nice floral smells. Pretty simple, but it was only $6 or so at Oddlots.

Spent much of the day battering software and wondering about aged Riesling. I have a bottle of the 1998 Bonny Doon Pac Rim riesling in the cellar, and I'm getting tempted to open it soon and see if it got funky or not. How long do you have to wait until riesling gets that way cool petrol edge to it? Ten years? Five? Penfolds seems to think five, so maybe I should hold off until next Christmas to try this bottle. You know, if I were rich, I'd have cases and cases of the 2002 Australian rieslings shipped over here, but that's simply not the case. So, in the meantime, I have virtually no riesling I feel good about drinking right this minute. The few 97s I have might be getting there, but I'm so retarded about these things that I'm holding off until I can share them with someone who would appreciate them. Which reminds me, I have to talk to my boss about what he thinks of riesling. I know he makes chardonnay with pretty much all the props [lotsa oak, full malo, etc.] but I haven't been able to ask him about the big R yet. I mean, it's so dorky. I should just get over my fear of being uncool and just ask the man.

OK, pizzatime.

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