Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Shop as usual... and avoid panic buying.

Just kidding. There's nothing here particularly risqué.

Went up to Oakland Berkeley Albany today and had me a nice hike around the Huckleberry Path with Dan and Brian [Smith, our old friend and roommate from 1994-1995]. Afterwards, we stopped in at Intermezzo and I had the überhumongous chef's salad with poppyseed dressing, my favorite eating binge in the East Bay. A kilo of lettuce with hard boiled egg, kidney and garbanzo beans, a lot of roast beef, some avocado, tomatoes, sprouts, carrots, and a huge hunk of sweet whole wheat bread. Mmmmm.

Afterwards, we headed across the street to Amoeba, where Dan got rid of some incredibly stinky old CDs. I think there may even have been some Steve Winwood or something. This gave him enough cash to pick up all kinds of goodies, including this little number for only $4:

Yeah, pretty twisted. I also got the new Wilco and a couple of copies of MBGATE to send to my brother for his birthday and to another friend up in Seattle. However, I'd left my shopping list in the car, so we had to stop by Mod Lang as well, where I finally found that Turin Brakes single [with the Max Tundra remix], as well as the new Pet Shop Boys album, the new Electric Company album, and some other cheap crap [like an old Human League album that was a very cool thing to own when I was in 9th grade but which now seems more retarded than anything else]. All told, I kept the CD purchases well under the $100 mark, which made me very happy.

Up the street at Kermit Lynch, I bought something there for the first time [wow!]. Lynch is a fairly pricey wine merchant that only sells self-imports from Italy and France. The selection leaves me really cold, especially given that most of it is heinously expensive. For example, there were all kinds of pricey Alsatian rieslings, which is kind of a big why bother for me, especially considering that there's [arguably] better stuff available for less money from Germany and Australia. I was about to walk about when I thought to scout for Madiran. Lo and behold, they had some, and it looked pretty cracker. They had four different vintages from the same château [Perron], so I took the most and the least expensive ones [$10 and $14] and got the heck out of there. The more expensive one is, I think, a special 100% tannat cuvée, which could be interesting; most Madiran I've had has been about 40% cabernet franc. [I understand tannat is a big deal in Uruguay, but I've never seen it for sale anywhere.] A little further up the street from Lynch is a totally screwy little hole in the wall called Oddlots, which is apparently run by an ex-employee of Lynch's. They seems to specialize in totally obscure stuff from the around the world for very little money: I picked up an entire case of various stuff for about $80 - a real steal. I have no idea if any of it's going to be any good, but at those prices, I don't care too much. Got a prosecco bottled in something like a Grolsch bottle with a plastic cap, a bunch of cheap French rosé, and some malbec that looked pretty nice. Oh, and idiot that I am, I forgot the $7 madiran that was hiding in the corner - I think I got sidetracked by the $5 Italian white wines that I decided I just couldn't pass up.

So, I'm now well set for wine into the summertime. This is good, especially as I'm now out of wine spending money until September or so. :)

Oh, and the coffee maker dilemma I referred to earlier is now solved. Stopped in at the New Park Mall Target on the way home. Turns out their coffee maker selection sucks. They had a Philips model for $30 that looked kind of cool, but way too big and with too many suspiciously breakable parts. Otherwise, no Krups, no Braun, and a bunch of dodgy American stuff. Bleah. So I had to go to Fry's... where, as luck would have it, they were blowing out Cuisinart coffee makers for all of $7 [after rebate, but including tax and postage]. So, I have an ugly ass Cuisinart coffee maker, but at a very affordable price. And that's fine. I would've preferred the beautiful Krups model with the insulated carafe, but why spend so much more when the $7 model'll get the job done, at least until I move to Redmond?

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