Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Damn it, where's my gold star?

I finally made it through every last God damned episode of 24 last night. Spellbinding for the first ten episodes or so, retarded for a little while in the middle, the last three or so really made up for it all.

Biggest disappointment: the sixth DVD has a huge disclaimer about how the views of the executive producer on the commentary track in no way represent the views of 20th Century Fox. In reality, the comments are utterly innocuous: he says that they didn't think this ending would surprise enough viewers, so they did another ending. BOOOOOORING

Second biggest disappointment with mitigating factors: Realizing that we're already up to episode 10 of the second season. Briefly disappointed, I soon moved on to 'don't care' - after all, a grainy, MPEG artifact-ridden DirecTiVo in fake widescreen looks like shit, but the eventual DVD release in anamorphic widescreen will look a lot better - and I don't have to see any ads to boot!

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