Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Where's Laszlo Toth when you need him?

Ducked in to the newly remodeled mini-mart across the street from Super Taqueria this afternoon to get me some real milk for my morning coffee. [Sorry, Marmot, non-fat milk is no match for Major Dickason.]

Stupidly, I brought home a bag of Lay's® brand Cool Guacamole™ Artificially Flavored Potato Chips. I think I was tempted by the huge avocado pictured on the front of the bag.

Upon closer inspection, though, there is no avocado in this product. Sure, it's got MSG, partially hydrogenated virtually everything, modified food starch, three different artificial colors, and even a little lime juice and sour cream, but no avocado.

If only Laszlo Toth were around to write the appropriate letter to Frito-Lay. But hey! There's a URL on the bag. Might as well kvetch there myself. Oops, no go. No E-mail. But I'll call tomorrow. Who knows, maybe I'll get me some free coupons. God bless America!

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