Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Best albums of 2002.

As if this even really makes any sense. What the hell.

1. Max Tundra, Mastered by Guy at The Exchange.
2. Severed Heads, Op.
3. Uh...

Wait, is that it? Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ on a bicycle, I must have spent a thousand dollars on CDs last year, and I can only think of two albums I really, really liked? What a rip-off. OK, there was that Queens of the Stone Age album that was good, and maybe that Wilco album I haven't heard yet, but man, what a dead year as far as I'm concerned. Mostly a bunch of go-nowhere tired bleepy tinklybonk stuff from a bunch of second stringers, with the occasional bright spot, like maybe Hrvatski's Swarm and Dither, but where were the big names? No new Aphew Twin, no new Squarepusher (sorry, that double CD was just some recycled crap and a re-release of a 2001 12" single), still no decent Melvins or Fantômas records, what the hell happened to Self, no new Cornelius or Atom™ - all in all, a disappointing year. Worse yet, I don't see anything coming out in the next few months that'll make up for 2002. Ah well.

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