Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Oh, I'm going too far with this.

It's been so very, very long since I found music that I love as much as Max Tundra's that I now find myself doing crazy things like using Windows Media Player 9 to generate subtitles that match the lyrics as they're sung, and abusing Google! to find all kinds of Max trivia. For example, on Acorns, he sings about a song called "Oh Engineer" by the brothers Larcombe. Now at least I know that the brothers in question have been in a couple of bands - Defeat the Young, Stars in Battledress, and Magnilda - but boy, this is obscure stuff. Like I'll ever hear any of their stuff.

Anyhow. I think it's time I went and found me a turntable. I have a bunch of vinyl that's stacked up over the years that I haven't heard, such as a Monsoon Bassoon 7" with a Max Tundra B-side. I have to admit I do wonder why people still bother releasing stuff on vinyl. Yeah, DJs blah blah blah, but 7" singles? Please.

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