Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Shit vs. Champagne. Who will win?!?!

Had another interesting online experience tonight - found a copy of the Max Tundra remix of the new Turin Brakes single, Long Distance. Guess what? It rocks! Again! God bless Mr Tundra. What makes it all the more surprising is downloading the original version of the song - which completely sucked. Absolutely trifling horrible poop with zero musicality or charm, just a bunch of tortured 'soulful' wailing over a generic English (garage?) band sound á la Radiohead or Blur or Pulp or Oasis or Ruby or whoever the fuck is popular over there this year. Made me wish Chris Morris were on hand to take the piss out of it... but anyhow.

Funny how remixes can save songs that would otherwise suck incredibly hard, but at the same time I do often wonder how much of the credit the original band can take for the resulting product. Some, I guess, but not always very much.

Oh, and there's a double CD of Aphex Twin remixes due out early next year, according to Brodie. yay!

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