Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Epiphany of sorts.

Compilation albums have always been problematic for me. I buy them from time to time because I tend towards the manic completist audio geek (hey, sorry about that), but do I ever actually listen to them? Well... That would be no. I mean, why listen to a bunch of shit that just happens to be on the same CD as that one rare track by that band you kind of liked?

A copy of Clicks & Cuts 3 arrived this week. It had a couple of tracks from Atom™ and DAT Politics (you know, that band with the CD that Dan really, really hates, Sous Hit, the one with the horrible electronically mutated screaming for the first several tracks). Well, the Atom™ was nothing special, but I thought I'd just let it play for once instead of filing it away in my collection forever. And, lo and behold, the track after it is really, really good. It's some German guy from Chemnitz who's art-cred-ridden enough to have furnished something for that überpretentious SFMOMA 1001010 (or whatever) dot com new media wireless whatever the fuck horrible show they had on a couple of years back. But... it's good. Very simple, funky, pleasing in a way I haven't really heard before.

Track's called Transrapid, artist is Alva Noto, aka Carsten Nicolai. Very obviously post-2000, but in a good way.

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