Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Sometimes, good things happen.

Over ten years ago, Tom Ellard (aka Severed Heads) released an EP on a completely obscure German label (inZkZ, based in Darmstadt) called 'jedermann sein eigner fußball'. Now, back in 1992, Severed Heads weren't particularly well known in the USA (as opposed to being completely unknown as of 2002), so it was no surprise that none of the 500 or so copies of this EP were imported into the US. Of course, I didn't even hear of the release at the time because I could seldom afford the long distance charges it took for me to dial the Twister BBS in Sydney (that Tom Ellard was running at the time) - so I could only indulge my fanboy-ness every so often.

By late 1993, access to the WWW was a happening thing (Dan was able to use Apple Remote Access to establish a Web connection via dial-back from Claris in Santa Clara to his house in San Francisco), which meant that I was finally able to use the 'Net to find more info about all kind of music; a year or two after that, replaced the FidoNet based Twister BBS and I heard about Fußßßball, this weird side project. However, I still had no luck at finding this CD.

By 2000 or so, Tom had had a lot of his CDs stolen by Darlinghurst junkies, and (surprisingly) no one on the Severed Heads mailing list had a copy of this CD - so it wasn't even possible to get a MP3 version of the EP until 2001 or so, when someone finally unearthed a bad, truncated version of it as low bit rate MP3.

But... sometimes, good things happen. I ran a Google! search a couple of weeks ago looking for 'Fußßßball' - and a small shop in Nijmegen happened to have a Web page advertising a copy of the EP for all of €10. Not a bad price considering its rarity - and they even offered free shipping just for the hell of it. So, I sent them $15 a couple of weeks ago, and today I've got a copy of this mighty rare plastic sitting in front of me. I'm happy. Best of all, it's a much better than average bit of Severed Heads.

So, yay for me, yay for the Internet, yay for Google!, and yay for the Dutch. Oh, and yay for Tom Ellard.

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