Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

My boring day.

- Bought a mobile phone.
- Bought a shower head, 200 pounds of water softener salt, and two lightbulbs.
- Bought some tighty whities (size 36 for the first time in my adult life, woohoo).
- Bought a new toilet brush. (It scrubs like a muthafucka.)
- Started work on my résumé. (It needs work.)
- Drank a 1998 Lintz botrytis riesling, a 1995 Domaine Chandon New Zealand, and part of a 2001 Bonny Doon Big House White. The Lintz was the most interesting.
- Had my first Vietnamese barbecue pork sandwich in nearly a year. US $1.50. Mmmm, what a deal.
- Spoke with the neighbors about home improvement stuff, and apologized for the lawn dying in summertime.
- Weeded some of the front yard.
- Reorganized the entire wine cellar. Put the Aussie stash down there, and realized Bonny Doon stuff takes up an entire shelf (that's 96 bottles). Note to self: drink more! :)
- Moved my desk into Dan's office so as to give Matthew more space.
- Booted my PC for the first time since February.
- Moved the dresser drawers from our bedroom into Matthew's room so as to give Matthew some storage space.
- Swept and dusted here and there.
- Called the Merc to sort out our delivery problems.
- Bought a dishwasher - the next-to-the-top-of-the-line GE Profile dishwasher. It matches our microwave and oven. Woo.

That's about it. Tomorrow, I finish the damned résumé and get to work on finding work.

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