Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Last bits.

Dinner last night, well, rocked. For the record, we had:

- Sydney rock oysters
- Grilled shrimp with ginger and sweet chilli
- Salt and pepper squid
- Various fish (sambal salmon, black pepper tuna, etc.)
- Chips and salad
- Many, many bottles of sparkling water

Lure were wonderfully helpful, even going to the trouble of calling a steak restaurant on the other side of Taylor Square and having a T-bone delivered to our table so that one of us got to have something other than fish.

The wine served:

- 1995 Tim Knappstein riesling
- 1997 Penfolds Clare Valley riesling
- 2002 Knappstein gewürztraminer
- 2002 mesh riesling
- 2002 Clonakilla riesling
- 1997 Chandon vintage méthode traditionelle (2 bottles)

The wines were generally excellent, save for the gewürz which wasn't really anything special. The Clonakilla is (yes, I know I'm repeating myself AGAIN here) the best damned Riesling I've had in Australia, still. Yes, after having at least fifty different ones in nine months. Yes, it's as good as that Schloßgut Diel Dorresheimer Goldloch Spätlese Trocken I love from Germany, if not better. Yes, you should buy some if you haven't already.

At eight PM last night, shortly after we cracked open the first bottle of champagne, Tom Ellard of Severed Heads put the gold master of their new album Op into his CD player, cracked open a bottle of James Squire, and had a lie down. The album launch should be early next year. I take this as another good omen for our trip back home today, especially because I happened across an exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum yesterday that featured Tom talking at great length about Korg patch cables, Amiga graphics, and so on; they also had Stephen Jones's video synthesizer itself in the museum. Pretty cool!

Dan's still asleep, but I'm (of course) already up and ready to go. We can't check in until noon, but that's fine; I should probably do another pass through the apartment and make sure everything's in the bags. Time to put my dirty clothes somewhere (God knows they won't really fit anywhere) and change into my travelling clothes: jeans, Kathmandu Hard Wear shirt, hiking boots, and those wonderfully daggy "Surf Daks" courtesy of K-mart in Darwin.

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