Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Why ProComp can kiss my indie-punk whiteboy ass.

I was amused by this quote from Mike Pettit, president of ProComp (speaking about the Microsoft settlement):

"This represents a systemic failure of the legal system, a failure to protect consumers, competition and companies like Netscape whose innovations literally changed the world."

Who actually believes this crap? Netscape innovative? Please. Some college kids stole some code from their university, fled to California, repackaged it, got a bunch of hucksters hyping it to the world in general, and never really made any money off of it. That's innovation?

Yes, I suppose there were some good things to come out of Netscape - JavaScript comes to mind - but it wasn't all that. I should know - I was the last Netscape employee to work on a release of Communicator, which stopped shipping when I left the company last year. Thppppt. :)

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