Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt



- Have dinner with Neil and Judy at their place in north Sydney (I'm taking along a bottle of the Torbreck Woodcutters Red - it's great stuff at A$21, but K&L want US$18 a bottle for it, eep)
- Possibly leave early so that Dan can go to the Gorillas in the Mist party at the gay bathhouse around the corner from the hotel


- Go mail the Te Mata Bullnose syrah to Tim Kirk
- At the GPO, ask about size restrictions on parcels to the USA
- If it's doable, buy the Hills Extendaline 6 clothesline and send it home
- Meet Julian at 11 for wine and food
- On the way to Julian's, find champagne flutes and stop by the Newtown GPO to put in a forwarding order for our mail starting Friday
- Remind him that I want to see the sequel to Suspiria
- At some point, stagger home and sleep


- Probably hang with Seumas and Russel
- Do something about the Melbourne Cup - wish I could have made lunch reservations but no one seems able to commit on this one


- go to Commonwealth Bank and close down the bank account after wiring the money back to Dan's account in the States
- finish packing our bags (as of Sunday afternoon, I have four bags packed that weigh 70 pounds each, 1 50 pound carry-on, and 1 'briefcase'; this leaves 1 more checked bag, Dan's carry-on, and Dan's computer bag to do; there's still a lot of stuff to go like 3 pairs of shoes, various electronic equipment, toilet kits, cameras, CDs, and so on - eep
- Have a final dinner in Sydney with friends - but where? Presumably a good restaurant with BYO


- In the morning, run final errands and do final packing; if too much stuff, lug whatever's left to the GPO and send it home
- Order a taxi van to the hotel by 11 AM
- Begin schlepping luggage downstairs - it's going to be approximately 480 pounds of luggage, and that's not a typo
- Get to the United check-in desks at the airport and begin the process of getting everything checked in
- Remember to take printed out airline baggage policy from Graeme at the United airport office so that I can demand I get that fifth bag checked for free
- After checking everything in, clear customs and buy a few last bottles at duty free (Leasingham Classic Clare sparkling shiraz, Penfolds Grandfather port (for my Dad), Campbells Rutherglen muscat, Eight Songs shiraz)
- Get to the United Red Crown Club and start drinking
- Settle in to our big business class seats and RELAX
- Oh - finish typing up the list of Items To Declare for US Customs
- At SFO, try to wrangle the huge pile of luggage onto several tiny carts - and then clear Customs (shudder)
- Go to the Arrivals by United facility, call Matthew, shower, have breakfast, and wait for Mamoo to come pick us up (thanks Matthew!)
- Get home
- Love Kitty
- After a brief emotional messiness, get into bed and sleep


- Get car insurance
- Renew car registration
- Get car to VW dealer for service (battery? tires?)
- Start in on the mail stacks


- Call Stephen Haynes in LA
- Drive down there


- Family Thanksgiving dinner


- Drive to San Diego; see Tim, Gilda, and Mark


- Drive home


- Find job

... and so on. It's going to be a wild couple of days here. Me, I'm mainly not looking forward to all the heavy lifting - 70 pounds is at the limit of what I can comfortably lift without hurting myself. [It's also amazing to me to think that I used to weigh over seventy pounds more than I currently do - if I can't lift that much now, how did I manage to carry it around for so long?]

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