Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Bits and pieces.

The Air New Zealand First/Business check in is neat. It's a separate, cleanly lit office sort of thing hidden away on the ground floor of the airport. After you go through the glass doors, you are checked in quickly and then ushered to a small secret booth with a customs agent in it. There is then a separate security line and poof, you've left the country. Cool!

The ETAs (~= visas) for Australia cost NZ$20 each and we were issued them immediately at the airport. Go us! We're now safely | legally back in Australia.

My seven year old hiking boots (an pair of leather Raichles from REI) are now resting comfortably in the dustbin in the Air New Zealand business class check-in area. The leather was coming apart, there was no tread on the soles, and the soles themselves had begun to separate. They went for their final tramp up a mountain SE of Bombay, NZ. They have been replaced by spiffy new lighter weight Kathmandu boots.

Wine score courtesy of the best in the world airport wine shop (The Cellar, at Auckland): 2000 Kemblefield Reserve Zinfandel, 2000 Te Mata Bullnose Syrah, 2001 Te Mata sauvignon blanc, Kim Crawford Rory sparkling, Daniel No. 1 sparkling. Yay!

Things to do today: wait for post office to open, check mail, go to Woolies Metro, get cab to Russel's, get car, fill car with our stuff, get it back to our apartment, then get Dan to sell the car while I play with packing our bags for the flight home next week.

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