Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Some random observations.

The Gay Games are (duh) not the Olympics. Nevertheless, I'm tired of calling hotels in Sydney only to be told that (a) they have plenty of rooms available that week and (b) it's going to cost me triple the usual price because of the Gay Games.

Note to anyone who's travelling to Sydney for the Games: if you try you might find a better deal than what you already have booked. If that fails, you can call the Quest on Dixon and try for the weekly rate of $900. It's a nice place, just opened, and they have rooms available. I'm switching back to the Waldorf at $1250 a week because it's a much bigger room with parking.

Can't wait to sell the car next week.

Thinking of leaving the country briefly next weekend. Might be easier than getting my visa renewed.

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