Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Some good news.

Virgin Blue have cheerfully refunded all of our airfares to and from Perth, even though it's very much against their own policy. Talk about customer service!

Best Flights have indicated that at the very least our airfares to Bali will be refunded. They're a little swamped at the moment but I think that's going well.

Thanks to jcoldrey, I have places to go shop for replacement wine in Canberra. Sounds good to me. Thanks, Julian!

Had a (for me, typically) start and stop conversation with Russel yesterday evening, in which he graciously offered temporary storage space for our stuff in Sydney, so that we can go about the business of getting the truck ready for sale. Thanks, Russel!

So, it's off to Canberra in a few minutes. We're going via Murrumbateman - have to stop by Clonakilla and pay Tim and family a visit! Mmmm, more shiraz viognier...


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