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One of the hardest things after a theft is the slow process of figuring out exactly what's missing. For example, it wasn't until about ten minutes ago that I realized my plastic box of fridge magnets was also taken - it was in the green plastic bin along with eight or so bottles of wine.

This is especially frustrating as my one constant souvenir purchase during this long trip has been fridge magnets. It all started when Neville egged me on at the Big Merino, I guess; it's gotten to the point where I stopped at every last roadhouse along the Nullarbor to buy a fridge magnet, from the horribly ugly one from some motel west of Ceduna, to the dorky one from Yalata roadhouse, the only Aboriginal-owned roadhouse on the road across Australia. They're all gone, now, so my grand project of having a big metal wall in the basement with all the magnets arranged geographically is defunct. There will be a big chunk missing: no bad 1970s magnets from Albany, no ugly Adelaide Casino magnets, no nothing. And that sucks, much more so than the wine, which was replaceable. I can't replace the magnets.

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